January 25, 2008

Rainbow Cocktail : A flash of Cobalt, Jade, or Violet Gives a Punky Feel To The Tamest of 'Dos

This technique which lately has been termed "under-coloring" has been around for a very long time, you are used to seeing black or dark brown underneath a blond VEIL ( hair on top). With this model the use of Deep Ocean Blue, Purple and Scarlet gives a whole new dimension to an "old technique"... re-name it and you may have an award winning style on your hands. I realize my readers are trying to learn the basics, but this can be a "basic", it really can.

The technique is very possible for you Home Hair Colorists HHC to accomplish. No not to this extreme, a more mellow 'version' but still for some excitement and for the 2 color separation (one on top and the other on the bottom ) it is very easy and we will go into this if I hear some requests... after I finish with Dolly ( part 3 tomorrow)

black and silver highlights......how YUMMY........................................
see the Emerald ribbons underneath the blond Veil

This Level 3 model has the technique "Paint Drips" . . . in the future...I plan on showing more new photos of hair styles and pointing out techniques we are discussing or learning so you can start to pick them out yourself. If we are here to learn hair color, which from all of my mail and Comments, is the number 1 reason most of you are here, - part of that category is teaching you the names of the techniques and you must begin to spot techniques when you are out in public as well..
Especially techniques you are learning to accomplish at home.
.......................................But anyway...back to the model, she is a perfect example of the success and the brilliance of this technique. I LOVE this TECHNIQUE, its trying to break into the USA, its huge and been huge in the European hair market...we are slow to change here.
Don't most of you think this is gorgeous? With a Level 3 hair I would shy away from adding blonde to it, it is just to far away from her virgin hair, but many people and I bet there is at least one reading this ( if not many!!) that have this exact hair color and want something more exciting and "fun" - - its a very common problem in the Salon, so why wouldn't it be here. With a modest 10-12 foils and most likely a 10AB or 12AB + 40 volume, this woman's hair has the most gorgeous and easy to accomplish Dynamite Hair Color.

Add Splashes of Color to High-light Layers For Effective Movement and Texture
4 comments on "Rainbow Cocktail : A flash of Cobalt, Jade, or Violet Gives a Punky Feel To The Tamest of 'Dos"
  1. Dakota,

    I love this post! I am definitely interested in learning more about undercoloring. Right now my hair is level 12 (thanks to you and Wellite creme lightener!) except for some underlayers which are my natural level 7 color. I'd like to change the underlayers to maybe a purple, though. For that I should bleach those uncolored layers and then add in the color (with Manic Panic or some such??)--is that right?

    I also am in love with the look of the veil with emerald underneath. I think I'd like to do something like that and add some violet ribbons to the front/fringe part of my hair, too. What products do you use to add in the colors? I think you mentioned to me once in an email that you have a secret for mixing toners to create cool hair colors?

    Thanks again for everything--I get compliments on my hair all the time. Even the guy who worked at Ricky's (beauty store) told me he liked my hair!


  2. Emily,
    What a sweet wonderful story, I am so happy for you and so glad to hear what I hoped would happen - IS indeed happening. Makes me want to continue - so thank you.

    Have you noitice the short series I am doing on Molly's sister - Dolly.....I have not posted the results yet ...I am waiting for a sunny day as those last photos were done with a flash and they were way too dark.
    LA is having the worst storms we have had in like 100 years ! So NO SUN, I don't know how people live this way for long periods of time...its depressing!
    But anyway, as soon as I complete the series on Paint Drips and Ribbons techniques....the next one will be the "undercoloring".

    There just needs to be about a dozen bullet points about the process and then you can go right ahead and do it....Its fairly easy. Especially if you use a semi permanent color underneath. I don't really like MANIC PANIC, is that the only crazy color line you have access to? What you want is one that comes out of hair "CLEAN"....so there is no weird residue left in the hair - but: the only way you can tell is if you have tested

    Hopefully I can get the shots of the rest of MollyDolly so I can get them posted on those 3 techniques and get on to your tech.
    thanks again for such a sweet post, and congratulations for becoming a successful CC.
    I think I am going to have a section where people can post stories like this and then I will reward them with
    A dozen business cards that say you are an offical "CRIB COLORIST"
    -- keep your mind open and your gloves on!.
    Maybe a small small sampling of my conditioner (THRIVEN) as well.

    What do you think?
    Stay Tuned....
    Have you joined the Killer Group? You should join over there as well...I hope to get that group going with interesting topics as well.....

  3. Dakota,

    I joined the google group and made a post -- did it show up?? I don't see it--so confused!

    Yay, I'm glad to be a crib colorist! A sample of your thriven would be awesome. I'm sure it's a fabulous product, but I'd love to test it before I spend $40 (I'm a poor student).

    I'll try to repost my group message if I messed it up the first time around -- let me know. Basically I asked about tips for making purple colors last in hair...I think you alluded to some secrets you knew in a post once.

    Can't wait to see your post on undercoloring!


  4. This is THE technique I've been dying to see...and to think it's so easy! I have always loved unique hair color & designs. Your website is exceptionally brilliant! Kudos and many many thanks for sharing your talent with us...very generous of you!


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