January 15, 2008

10,000HEADS One Stylists' Hair Thinning Protocol for Females:16-80

10,000 Heads 

10,000HEADS is a 14 step protocol that I have been working on for over 17 years, it actually started with 6 Steps and has grown as I have discovered tricks along the way.  This Protocol has helped many of Hollywood's Celebs w/ hair loss issues......plus - simply to improve the hair they have, this became a pet project of mine over 18 years ago - I'm anxious to see how it works on the rest of the country's females.

There are 14 Steps to 10,000Heads and I have never expect for a minute that anyone will be able to follow all of them. But what I will promise you is, the more you do, the more spectacular the health of your hair will be.   PROMISE! 

There are some quite unique facts that I would like to share with you about hair and hair products that I feel you may find interesting. 

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