January 26, 2008

The Length of Your Hair is Determined by ?

Is the hair on your head.....dead ?

2 Deadly Questions by Killer Chemist
There is a reason, its a bit complicated but it has to do with the fact that the hair on your head is TERMINAL.
Yep, your hair "dies"  - many people use the quote "your hair is dead" which is incorrect  -  in reality: your hair dies, then it sheds 
Every hair on your head goes thru 3 stages
ANAGEN Phase:  A long period of GROWTH stage that lasts 2-6 years, this is the stage that actually determines the "length" of an individuals hair and is determined by heredity and genes. Some peoples 'growth' stage is 2 years, they will have the shorter length hair overall  as their maximum length has less time to grow, while some individuals  have up to 6 years of growth before the hair sheds.They will be the people with the waist length hair you see. On the Hair Blog I have a photo of a woman with hair that is 15 feet long ( she is only 5 feet !)...Needless to say her growth period ( anagen Phase) is obviously a very rare 10 - 15 YEARS!!
That phase is followed by the
CATAGEN Phase: which lasts 2-4 weeks is a period of involution or curling up phase. The follicle stops growing and begins curling up in preparation for
TELOGEN PHASE:  that last 2-4 months and is the period of Rest and Shedding. The Hair is shed and prepares for the re-growth and back to the >
ANAGEN PHASE once again !

Every single hair on your head goes thru these stages and continues to....until...when each hair has gone thru some sort of change and does not start up again and fades off.
In a simplified explanation, that is the beginning and cause of hair loss. As each hair that does not "start up" again after that rest period ...is the key to figuring out why hair loss begins and how to keep that from happening will be the $100 Million dollar question that chemists are working on all over this little planet. Do you know how much that solution will be worth to someone? More than the cure for cancer I suspect.

In contrast to most mammals including mice and newborns the adult human hairs are not synchronous and are at various stages of growth.
At any given time, it has been estimated that approximately 86 percent of your hairs are in the anagen phase... 13% in Telogen and 1% in Catagen. When I realized some of these numbers and thought about some of the treatments & tools we use, flat irons,curling irons - blow dryers and on and on. Well, its not near the surprize to me anymore why the huge increase in "hair loss" and "hair thinning" for women in the USA. 
HEAT is the Number 1 worst habit that will destroy your hair.
What do you think of that now, really? Its such a simple application to get rid of. Very simple. Heat is "man-made" and can be eliminated so easily.
Just start with that one little piece of information and we will begin to work on the 12 steps of 10,000 HEADS : Healthy Hair Regimen.

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