January 28, 2008

Glam Gothic - Choose A Dark Chocolate Shade for Midnight, Moody, Mysterious Hair Appeal

Embrace the latest in cutting -

the cut is extremely important...as much as I stress there are techniques of color you can do at home, I feel a great cut, the best you can afford is well worth it.

Bring out your inner defiant diva
3 comments on "Glam Gothic - Choose A Dark Chocolate Shade for Midnight, Moody, Mysterious Hair Appeal"
  1. Killer Chemist I've never used a blog before so you'll pardon me if I make a comment or ask for help in the wrong fashion. I've been trying to look up how to make dark brown hair into a light brass free brown or dark blonde. I've read a few of your blogs and you say that hi lift is just as bad or good as bleach but from what I've read you help mostly those who wish to go to a light blonde all the way to a platinum. But what about brunettes? I was reading the blog on brunettes and you have so many nice pictures but the one that caught my attention was the picture next to the words Bring out your inner defiant Diva! That color is lovely. How can a girl with dark brown hair achieve such color without the brass and without the double process such as bleach?

  2. I am looking for any procedure that will get my darkest brown hair into a dark blonde/lightest brown without using bleach. It's just so frustrating because even though I've done my research and I’ve googled every possible question that comes to mind right when I think I’ve got it right, bam! I messed up again.

    My natural color is dark brown which is past my shoulders but for the past three years I've been dying it red. I love the color and people compliment me on it but I'm not one to stick to one hair color. I love change, you know what I mean? So I stripped and bleached my hair and added a light natural blonde level 8 from Ion Color Brilliance. It was great until I had to do my roots, I hate bleach. I’m so scared of hair breakage. Yikes! So a girl at Sallys said I could use a level 9 very light blonde with a 40 vol. Yeah, that didn't work. I still had orangey roots; brass is bad, very very bad. Long story short, too late I know, I’ve bleach my roots again, darkened it by mistake with a demi and then stripped the color (with Ion color corrector to remove the nasty demi). This time I used an 8 light ash blonde permanent and a 40 vol for my roots and for the length of my hair I used the same light ash blonde permanent but with a 10 vol as a deposit. They say I have to use ash because I pull too much orange but I always thought I had to use a blue-based color because it eliminates orange. I’m so confused. Can you help me? I just want light brown/dark blonde hair that doesn’t look brassy. Right now my roots are brassy, I would say a level 6 or 7 but brassy. Would a high lift be able to achieve this ideal? because what I’ve been doing is not working and I keep getting all this different advice.
    Right now my roots are like a 6 or 7 but brassy orange, the top of my hair is a light blonde and the length is a dark blonde and that's because I left it on too long. If I can't get this right I'm gonna run back to red, I throw in the towel...Help!

  3. People get hung up on the word "blog"...a Blog is not much different than a web site . . . just let go of trying to figure out a "BLOG".

    Asking big long involved questions here doesn't work either . ...join the GROUP. Google: Google Group/KillerStrands OR click on one of the links that will take you there. We try to help everyone in the group.


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