October 27, 2007

Hair Fly-aways . . .now a 'piece-of-cake'

This new product is a helluva long time in the making. When I began formulating hair products, this was one of the very first I made, it is a very simple flormulation ( contact me - if interested- - I would be glad to post the formula)....it is scary -- how close >> mine and their formula's are >> I still make it for my clients and call it "Whack Attack"...naming products has always been a blast for me.

I will never understand why the large companies do not pick-up on the simple concept of: making styling products - dual purpose - - have them "moisturize and condition" while they are on the hair. As soon as I understood the concept of how to make products PROPERLY and safe....I could see that making any type of hair styling wax for men could also have 'Minoxidil' in it ( for those who are worried about losing their hair > > > every man on the planet)! They have styling products ON their hair for hours.

Same with women's flyaway's ( which we all have) why not make the styling wax have 1 or 2 of the natural butters & oils that are so rejuvenating. Which brings us to this brand new product . . . over at CAKE BEAUTY -- they have formulated the most wonderful: dry & flyaway balm made with a whopping 84% of Natural Shea Butter. Shea butter is from the Karite Tree in Africa...this one butter is one of "Gods" True Wonders - - and still fairly unknown. For centuries the African's have used it successfully for many ailments.

Shea butter is unique, not only does it act as a natural skin moisturizer it is extremely high in Vitamins A, E & F and enhances cell regeneration and capillary circulation. The most amazing wonder of this little butter (to me anyway) . . . . It is the very first and ONLY natural sunscreen - no chemicals needed ! How about that! ( I'm sure the reason we have not heard this is because of the HUGE supply companies we would be putting out of business with this little bit of info - such a shame) . Perhaps it is most effective when applied to the skin in its pure state.

Shea butter can be used to treat all of the following conditions: Dry Skin, Stretch Mark Prevention & Minimization, Psoriasis, Wrinkle Prevention,Scar Minimization & Skin Discolorations. As far as for hair and scalp: Shea repairs Dry, damaged, (especially) Frizzy Hair as well as many scalp issues. The Intensive Conditioner I make has 52% of pure UNREFINED organic Shea Butter and works UNBELIEVABLY...I truly think it helps hair growth & thickness -- so do my clients.

You get my drift on how highly I think of this butter......anyway here's the product: called SATIN SUGAR ....
Satin Sugar All Purpose Treatment Balm will simplify your life and handbag. Decadently mixed with 86% shea butter, you only need one balm for your entire body.This ultimate on-the-go balm will help take care of anything and everything beauty-related.
Nourishes and smooths frizzy ends & flyaway's, treats dry spots on skin, lips, cuticles, knees and even stretch marks.
Deliciously infused with: Shea Butter – contains 86% of this rich ingredient, chapped skin Beeswax – also included a dash of an emulsifying humectant that boasts nourishing properties with a satin-smooth texture.
Approx. $24.00
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