October 9, 2007


Eyebrows are one of the most important features of the face

and yet often neglected. I have been asked many times about something to help brows grow, most inquiries come from those that "over-pluck", a huge problem with 15-25 year olds. My best advice is to get your eyebrows shaped professionally, then once a week follow what she started NEVER PLUCKING MORE THAN THE ORIGINAL SHAPE. The youth of America have a tendency to go overboard, especially taking too much from the top of the brow.

Eyebrows are super important, almost everyone should tint them, in one of the many different ways....it fills them in, therefore anytime you might be without make-up, they still show up (except Level 1 thru 5).
There is a new product I thought I would post claiming it helps those of you with over-plucked brows. Its worth a try, as soon as I hear how it works .... I will let you know.
Brow Boost ( $19.95) by Billion Dollar Brows is designed to help men and women restore thin, over-plucked brows. The deep conditioning action works overnight to help stimulate brow growth. Directions:Use nightly for 30 days and your brows should begin to fill in, giving you a beautiful brow line. Comes in a convenient brush-on applicator.
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  1. how should someone dye their eyebrows to match the color of their hair ?Is there any special procedure about that process ? And what is the perfect level and tone for eyebrows according to the haircolor of someone ?
    Thanx :)

  2. Hi....and thank you for your question....

    Tinting eyebrows should be done the same as tinting "grey hair"...you notice the course texture of the brow ...very similar to Grey hair, therefore it re-acts the best to the exact same formulation technique.
    I will create an appropriate post in the next few days for the tinting formulations. You would be purchasing 2 tubes of color at your local "Sally's Beauty Supply" or other....a small bottle of 20 Volume /developer .... + a small make-up/paint brush.

    As far as colour? Its very personal, my theory: is to always have the brows the same "tone" as your hair...
    Ash Blonde hair = Ash brows
    Copper hair = Copper brows

    as far as Level...?
    I think they should be 1-2 Levels lighter than the hair (except of course on Level 1-5 hair)....until you get to the Blondes(Level 8 & Up)
    From Level 8 & Up the brows should be about a Level 8 or 9 - NO lighter - NO darker.
    Lets say you are a Level 8 Ash Blond.... with low & hi lights.

    Brows should be Ash Blonde-- Level 8...

    If you're a Level 9 and up blond....and your brows are dark (Level 6 and below)...My suggestion is to bleach them with eyebrow bleach ONLY. Follow by re-tinting them with the appropriate Level 8 ash blonde tint. Yes, its 2 steps but totally worth it....PROMISE!
    did i answer it for you?
    if you want specific recommendations, ask...
    thanks again,
    Killer Chemist

  3. BTW...
    For approx. $15.00-18.00...you will have enough color for about 2 years! It looks so much better than make-up!
    Depending on what you start with... will depend on how long it lasts...mine are the worst case scenario....my brows are WHITE...(albino-like)very thick and full.. so I tint them every other Sunday.
    Most only need a once a month session!

  4. ("eyebrow bleach"?)is there a particular product for eyebrow bleaching or is the same as the oil bleach or the powder bleach we use on the hair ?
    Yes you were very helpful :) and i would love to read that post you ll write in the future too!

  5. NO NO NO, not regular bleach...there is a very special trick we use in the movie biz, I will need to post plus need a link and photo, so no one makes mistake.....
    hang on I will write it tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.
    Killer Chemist

  6. Just wondering if you were still going to post the instructions for lightening brows!! Thanks.

  7. Promise its coming tomorrow.....I have had many requests...and I apologize...


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