October 14, 2007

EMO / Scene Hair Ideaology

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog, and I love the site. I was hoping you could help me. My hair color is naturally PLATINUM blonde, and I have never done major changes with my hair except just for cuts.
    For the fall, I would love to get darker lowlights, to create contrast and style for my hair. I attempted at lowlights over the summer, but I got frustrated because I spent so much money and I couldn't even tell! I've been growing my hair out, so it's really long, with no bangs. And super platinum blonde. I think I would like to go for darker brown lowlights, or maybe some red ones... to change it up for the fall season. Do you happen to have any pictures of lowlights I could use to take to the hair dresser?
    Please help I'm desperate for a change!

  2. Hi Jenna,
    and thanks for your questions> the more the merrier....
    If you're new maybe you don't know about the sister site.....I actually have 3 blogs (one for men even!)
    Currently I am looking into combining the 3 of them into one! Its silly there are 3, but I wasn't sure what I was doing at the beginning! I know hair > but this computer mumbo jumbo is tricky to me at times!!

    The sister blog has, I believe, close to a hundred days of posts [5-9 photos each]of "JUST hair cut & colour photos ....and I use photos from all over the world that are unique.

    Do you really have Level 10 or Level 12 Virgin hair? Would you mind posting a photo (?) that is a very very RARE occurance (email me:Killerstrands@gmail.com)
    ....in all my years I have only run across a handful of pure Level 10's....maybe 5 or 6...its actually about as rare as a true redhead.
    http://www.KillerPics.blogspot.com is the sister Blog..if you don't find what you need there {be sure to go all the way back to the beginning} I still have thousands of photos I have not posted...

    I hope you are talking about doing something I call "Ribbons" of color to your hair.. not a lot of little stripes of brown .. but some striking 1 inch or 1 & 1/2" Ribbons ( chunks or pieces) of multi browns like a Level 6BRV {brown-red-violet} and maybe a Level 7 Copper or Red Violet on your hair would be DYNAMITE....I wish you lived here....I would love to do some hair like that with those colors....
    That would be smashing....
    (i try to make my readers learn the levels of hair color and kind of study the Level system....It will help you for the rest of your life with your hair....
    With just telling and asking your hair stylist for certain things.
    I liken it to cooking.
    YOu learn the basics of cooking yet you still go OUT TO DINNER.
    The women of the USA need to learn the BASICS of Hair color....so you can either do it at home CORRECTLY {by NOT using KITS}....OR you can talk to your hair stylist in the proper "lingo"....so you don't have any mistakes with her!

    With that light of hair, you need to tell your Stylist that she should consider "filling" your Ribbons....
    let me know if you don't find what you need,
    Killer Chemist

  3. Hi.
    I want to get a scene type hair, but the only problem is, I have almost Afro hair.
    I'm a pale girl who's hair makes me look slightly dead or unbrushed, and I've ruined it straightening, it won't EVER straighten for school.

    Could you suggest some hairstyles which are curly but cute, 'cause I'm sick of not doing anything.
    Also, are there any products out there that'll control my hair?

  4. ONYX, what do you mean you've ruined it straightening it?
    do you mean using a flat iron? or having it chemically straightened?
    Yes, the entire line by Avlon is MADE for curly hair and afro hair...its why I like it so much. The products are called keraCare - I sell all of them . . and can direct you to the ones that are the best...
    But please tell me more about your straightening issues.

  5. i have blondy browish hair just past my shoulders.ive dyed my hair 3 times all of them pink, first time was a peroxided dye from schartzcoch i think and then twice more with a stargazer semi permanant peroxide free dye.
    i really want to dye my hair a nice plume colour but not semi and cant find a nice permanant one, i also want shorter scene hair like around my ears. i also have a straight bangs past my chin whcih i clip back. my school wont allow anything too extreme, and my mum wont let me blech my hair unless its under the colour, so i have to keep my natural coulour in there.

    please help


  6. hi i just found your blog and i was wonderin if you could give me any ideas about what to do with my hair? i noticed its an all girls page, but do u do guys? i have a sort if strawberry/dirty blonde color as my natural, but i want to put some darker and brighter into it. my hair is cut longer on the right side and tapered everywhere into points and is shorter in the back. my email is ghostofpastmemories@yahoo.com if ud like to contact me that way. thank you for the help love
    Zackiie Poison

  7. Hey imma guy Who already has the whole scene hair going on but i wanna add color to it
    I wanna like bleach Someparts
    How do you do it lol

  8. Kt.x:
    This question is a big giant question ....this is not the place to try to answer that..

    Why don't you join our GROUP and we can try to work with you there to solve this.

    the link:


    thanks for your question,
    Killer Chemist

  9. zackiie poison:
    you have a very familiar name . . . do I know you?
    OF COURSE WE WORK WITH MEN....I pride myself in the fact that I am an equal opportunity hair stylist. LOTS of men contact me and I help them figure out their hair color and hair problems issues. But you have to go through the same channels everyone does.

    First .....you have to join the GROUP:

    the link >


    Then we have a forum where we help people figure out their hair issues. If that isn't quite enough you can pay $25.00 and can get a private 1 on 1 Consult with me and we work on it back and forth with photos until we can figure it out, its a great service especially for EMO hair which I have done a LOT!

    Killer Chemist

  10. anonymous,

    Again . . I love to do guys hair...but you need to jopin the group
    a place where we have a FORUM where we try to help everyone get their hair situations figured out. Lots of qualified people will help you try to figure out what you should do.
    Doesn't matter if you're guy or girl this site is for everyone. . .
    and always has been
    so PLEASE JOIN our group:


    lets see if we can help you ...
    Killer Chemist


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