June 29, 2007

Who in the World Decides Which Hair Styles Become the Newest 'RAGE' ?

Don't you ever wonder who in the

world thought of this or that hair-do?

Like who or what made the BEATLES come over here
with those "BEEBOP" black Hairstyles that were so long
and ALWAYS in their eyes?Look at this girl to the right ....she is right out of that movie this year that brought in $350 million dollars in 3 days! Suicide Kings............hair color look familiar?
What came first the hair color or the movie?

The initial fascination with all things hair began almost 25 years ago for me. . . stemming from hobbies in hair, chemistry, beauty and the health of the body. Born and raised in southern California, a a former professional athlete I was lucky enough to be afforded a unique background... it brought the knowledge of healthy body-mind and spirit to the table -- the unique crossroad to the success of my career as a busy successful,(hair) colorist, stylist, cosmetic chemist and ultimately Trichologist.

The industry of professional hair has not been both: updated, nor kept up to date, as it should.
Hair, high up is not randomly chosen --- it is guided and crafted brilliantly by the Industry of Fashion. As a collection of clothing is revealed not only has the Designer been planning clothing but also in the back of his head at all times is that brazen new set of hair ( & makeup) concoctions he will be sending down the catwalk as well. The styles you see the trends you watch, they are no accident - they have a beginning-middle and end. Every designer has been batting around hair ideas as crucial as the clothing designs, thinking, talking to hair gurus he trusts, & new ones he may gamble on, its a crap shoot of his own design.

The day of the reveal of both clothing and hair can be made with simply 1 style or as many as 4 bold statements or trends - with very clever titles. This is how the process of new hair styles and color techniques introduce themselves to the world, Fashion designers basically chose the next trends. and proceed to make their way to the states. although a step in the proper direction is being taken. Once the hair styles are seen on the catwalks they trickle down to the wealthy, the celebrities, the rebels and finally hit home (if at all) a year or two later. The hair in America is always a minimum of a year behind European designs.

Hopefully someday we will catch up to the chaps in merry ole England or at bare minimum close the gap between the 2. Its not life or death or rocket science, but it is attached to the body and it can be an expression of ones soul. Simply put: its more exciting and inspiring to people to try different styles and colors with hair > as it truly is - only hair.

Why not use hair as a form of artistic expression? I try to encourage parents to let their children use their hair to express themselves, it the safest body part available. Nothing is permanent, it can always be chopped off and begun again new and fresh. There is no harm done and it gives a child a sense of ownership, confidence and freedom. Its fun and harmless and have known of many cases where that took the place of some other much more worrisome rebellion.

The best example of this winters hair collections (both cut & color) I found looks like this:
whatever . . .
they're cool to look at
It IS . . .

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