June 21, 2007

Ride the Natural Wave of Smoooooth HAIR


Have your KeraCare products arrived yet?
What's the deal?
I have kept that secret for well over 15 years, never telling a soul what I use on the curlies so successfully.
On the set I would put it all in blank bottles so no one would know what it was, I was determined to keep my little trix mine, it all seems so silly now...
I'm glad I finally got it out there, because I know how it will help all of you.
The best part about this line? The cost!

Unfortunately as a Curlie-Whirlie or Dizzie-Frizzie you are condemned to a life of multiple and various juggling products, depending on factors such as weather, type & length of hair, skill level of "product-usage"..

Uh Jiminy Crickets do the 'straighties' have to deal with this shit?

In order for your hair to become manageable and soft which is the only way you learn to like it, you must invest in 6 or 8 of the products from yesterday's post. Another wonderful highlight of the KeraCare Line ? Along with the proper ratio of silicone's they have ingredients that work to repair the hair strands as well, including essential oils that over the centuries have been proven to truly work wonders on hair, I include various ones in all of my formulations.

The tight curl structure of curly hair makes it difficult for the natural oils from the sebaceous glands to flow down and lubricate the hair shaft, causing the hair to become dry and brittle. In a last ditch attempt many of you will perform "home" and poor quality Relaxers in order to remove 'some' of the frizz however the chemicals used in these products are strong and often leave the hair worse.

The reason & beginning need for the "Leave-In" conditioner phase.

After the shower, shake the hair out It will take a couple experimental runs to get the "amount" correct of the Leave in. Apply Leave-In by dipping in jar - rubbing the creme smoothly together evenly between the hands....so there are no clumps or lumps.... you want a nice even light coat of it to cover all your hair, possibly running a large tooth comb thru after to make sure it gets evenly distributed. Then, leave it ALONE.
Fiddling and fumbling and playing with curly hair - ONCE Set - is a HUGE mistake, unless your look for the day is "BIG HAIR"!

For the ultimate styling method when the goal is Frizz-FREE,
you are going to have to limit the use of your blow dryer

Wavy hair that
dries naturally
tends to go less frizzy. Remember, I have no allegiance to any company or brand...I make my own conditioners that blow the doors off off anything you can get at any Beauty Supply, Neiman Marcus or Macy's counter and to not seem biased I have chosen to use Kera Care as the brand I would recommend.

Contacting KERA CARE next week, I am anxious to see what they think of my VLOGGING idea..to shoot a 3-5-10 minute VLOG showing how exactly to apply all of their products, there is an art to it,I'd like to teach.

Do you know that, within "GOOGLE'S" Search whirlwind online business, the Number 1 and 2 topics searched for in the "HAIR" category?...

#1 : is CURLY HAIR



So you are being heard...loud and clear....
the problem, especially in my position of wanting to solve every problem that exists in the hair universe, is..........

one solid answer ...a magic pill.

When I was in the Salon, and someone would come to me with these concerns....we would book a Relaxer.
Mind you this can be a $500.00 solution &
It 'can' take most of one day to perform.
But it is a solution.
10 years ago we didn't have the solution we have today.
So there is one, you just have to be independently wealthy to afford it.

The truth will be told here and you must understand
the reason it costs so much?
The time it takes to do it properly.
If it takes 6-7-8 hours perform? Of course you have to pay a hairstylist the rate they would make if they were 'not' doing this procedure...it is fully justified the $$ amount it costs.

I have not fully looked into the so called "Japanese Straightening Method" but within the world of cosmetic chemistry...there are only certain chemical strategies
available, there are no "secret" chemicals...that is not how the world works. It is simply, "MARKETING",they RE - NAMED the regular Relaxer, added a few little silly steps ( like: flat iron the hair right after rinsing)...
steps that I already did with my relaxers, which ended up a brilliant way to pump new energy into a technique that had lost interest in it for years.

No one believes more in clever marketing strategies than me...my college degree is in the subject...so when I can use them - I do.

It takes between 4-5-6 sometimes 8 hours to complete the process the correct way,
depending how long and how thick the hair is. So its merely the "time" and product you are paying for,fully understandable.

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