June 10, 2007

Amy Winehouse Starts a Hair Trend

I fully realize this is a HAIR Blog, so thank God her hair rocks as well

Who the hell is this Woman ? ? ?I haven't heard music like this since....well......since I saw Jimmy Hendrix at the Forum play the guitar with his teeth. That was a man lost in his music and so is this chick
Wow, there is a God . . .

I Tivo-ed her Special on MTV Friday night . . . If you haven't seen it...catch it...although she doesn't have my fav songs on there, she's absolutely F--king incredible
The Killers and Evanescence reinspired me lately
as did Brandy Carlile and Mika
I am just very thankful the music I know and love has not died
and needed to get that - OUT THERE -
any bit i can do to help resurrect it and keep it here...I will do...
i guess that is part of what these Blogs are here for as well. hope I haven't been too serious...
cuz I am not....
i mean
music inspires me
it has always inspired my hair work...I used to do the hair for various artists for Grammy's/Academy Awards etc... I will break out an old photo and post
check out Amy
let me know what you think..........
..Killer Chemist

6 comments on "Amy Winehouse Starts a Hair Trend"
  1. amy winhouse is a druggy has-been, her hair looks like a nest

  2. She DOES rock. She is inspirational in her soulfull songs in the mist of "clonized" songs we are always forced to endure nowadays. And one more thing she should do a cover for "It's my life", because it is! She wants to destroy it? what can you do about it, although it's a shame because she has "it"- talent, creativity, soul, and voice. Every single factor to make a new muse, to make history. PEOPLE SHOULD STOP LOOKING AT OTHERS PEOPLE'S LIVES and judging THEM. Look at them and MAKE an insight of your OWN life.
    Sorry for the "strong arguments" but nosy people enfuriate me. They just do.

  3. anonymous,
    i was joking when I wrote that lost post, like what an idiot...
    Look when this was written? A year ago, before anyone here had even heard of her... she has the most incredible songs and I saw her peform when she was completely STRAIGHT...I was married to an addict, so no one knows better than I.
    Either way, her music still rocks and my ex is also a very talented Film Director, its just too bad that a lot of people with artistic talent are ALSO plagued with addiction problems..its so sad but its true

  4. OMG Brandi Carlile...so spot on, there. She is awesome. Really undernoticed.


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