June 25, 2007

Beat the Frizz Monster To A Pulp: Killer Strands Clinic Handy Hints

Flatten That Fricken Frizz
5 - Part Series - Part 5
Killer Strands Handy Hints are the
smoothest route to de-frazzling the Fuzz

The NUMBER 1 TOP TIP for Frizz and Curlie Heads?-> Become an EXPERT With Serums
  • purchase multiple weights {light-medium-thick}

  • different areas of the hair need thicker Serum : the fringe {bangs} & the top layer of your hair (more damaged)

  • lighter serums(spray) perfect for muliple applications during the day
Remember they are a combo of Cyclomethicone,Trimethicone & Dimethicone...do not purchase Serum with Alcohol in the ingredient list, Alcohol is drying. If Dimethicone is "BEFORE" Cyclo on the ingredient list - (provided they have done things properly) - the Serum should be heavier/thicker. Truthfully the only way to know is to 'feel' and experiment which can be an expensive little test.
Call Beauty Supply's until you find one that has TESTERS, or they let you bring a product back if it doesn't work.
There are expensive and medium priced versions of Serums { if the correct ingredients }
Remember my absolute favorite 2 are made by Kera Care...
Silken Seal Drops and Silken Seal Spray. Yep they are expensive but they are smokin' hot.

Recipe for making your own hair Serum's
**making one batch can not only be the perfect consistency for YOUR HAIR, it can last a full year and scent it anyway you like!

5 comments on "Beat the Frizz Monster To A Pulp: Killer Strands Clinic Handy Hints"
  1. I read on naturallycurly.com that the only thing that can remove silicones from the hair are sulfates. Therefore, in order to use sulfate-free shampoos, you need to eliminate any "cones" from your products. I see that you are a big supporter of going sulfate-free, however you recommend serums with silicones in them. Now I'm confused. Can you please help me understand? Thank you.

  2. Kellie
    If every single person could get rid of their blow dryers, their flat Irons, their Curling, Irons,hot rollers, their wave Irons.etc.
    Then there would be no need for silicone's, and I could take away my endorsement of silicone's for thermal protection ONLY ( which is all I endorse them for).

    But I must be based in reality, to really be able to help my clients and now my Killerstranders.
    People are simply,NOT GOING to stop the Thermal Tools use, I have never found anything that protects the hair from heat other than silicone's. It actually coats the hairs of your head so it resists heat.
    There are large companies that are trying to fight the Sulfate-FREE trend brought on by consumers and ME.
    I was the lone hair stylist in this camp and have been for a long time.

    They don't want to change their formula's - that would cost them a lot of money. They don't look at the health of the consumer or the consumers hair loss and thinning, ....we all know they only look at Profits.

    I didn't do this because I was bored one day. I was an incredibly busy hair stylist in Malibu California, working 12 & 14 hour days 5-6 days a week. I didn't really have the time for it. But, I always Cared about my clients hair. I mean TRULY CARED!

    I started to have 18 - 19 - 25 - and 30 year olds come in with hair thinning & loss for no apparent reason. It took my assistants and I 2 years to come up with that being the only common denominator we could find in the people that were coming in and complaining about it. Hair loss should NOT happen to 20 year olds PERIOD>!
    When they stopped using shampoo's with sulfate's the hair loss lessened massively I would say half claimed it stopped completely and 1/2 claimed it stopped about 3/4. To me that was SUCCESS. It was a remarkable enough change that my clients truly thought I was a genius (& we all know that isn't true!)....they were all so thrilled...I loved making people happy that way so I got the bug to try to help them more.
    I remember telling my Assistants that must be what a surgeon or doctor feels like when they cure a person from a disease. It was the most wonderful feeling to help these people stop their hair loss.

    So when the hair Fall, as we call it, stopped....then I wanted to work on how to replace what they had loss through steps.... I started with 3 steps and now have 13. The Regimen if you follow it closely will give you a pretty nice head of hair...I'm very proud of my 13 Steps.

    Naturally Curly is dead wrong I'm sorry to say, I fear they must listen to their big corporate sponsors...and don't know any better.

    What makes you think silicone's are still in your hair? ? ? ? ? ?

    Don't you have to keep reapplying them? I've never known anyone in all 10,000 heads of hair I worked on to say that they feel their hair is loaded down with Silken Seal which is the one I have been recommending since Day 1.

    But, if you do have that issue there is NO better Shampoo to get them out than Malibu 2000 WELL WATER ACTION or SCALP WELLNESS(my personal fav.) shampoo. These all are Sulfate-Free - the BEST Clarifying shampoo you will ever use...and what do they use to cleanse the hair and get more than Silicones out more than
    A N Y T H I N G ??
    ...... that comes straight from the fruit Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruit and Tangerines......and what's that called???...Citric acid. Citric Acid in very low doses works wonders for removing silicones, or pretty much anything out of your hair.
    or another wonderful ingredient called Disodium EDTA ...which uses a very gentle salt to remove build-up as well.

    There are plenty of ways to remove any kind of build up on the hair,
    the Malibu 2000 line of shampoos are the 3rd best selling product in the Killer Strands Store. so if you haven't joined the group to get to the store.

    Here's the link...go straight to SHOPPING...soon- in 2 weeks maybe we will have a regular e-commerce store....so just hang on a little bit,.hope this help,

  3. Is there a natural light oil that will work comparable to silicones that you can apply instead of conditioner that does not weigh down hair and look "dirty"?

  4. Anonymous,
    OMG Girl, you HAVE to get yourself a bottle of GLEAM. It is truly the most magical hair oil ever. You can apply it every single day, it will do everything you are asking and more...It has passed THRIVEN in popularity this month and is our number 1 seller..
    Get yourself the large bottle you will not be disappointed. Seriously.


  5. I actually use straight Argan oil, but even as light as it is, my hair is blonde and it makes it look dirty and greasy and changes it to a darker blonde. OK, I'm getting GLEAM :-)


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