July 24, 2013

How To Avoid Orange (or BLOrange) In Blonde Hair Coloring

There should be no reason for orange in hair color. . . .none...never ever. But there seems to be a lot of complaints about it lately..... It's really pretty simple, if you use a color strong enough to get it PAST the orange stage ... you won't have the problem. 

I need to understand why using highlift or cream lightener bothers you, I just don't understand that one.......?

The following Graphic shows you about
 hair color, orange and how to avoid it !

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  1. I'm naturally a 6/7 trying to achieve 9a. My blorange prob is that I'm not going high enough or light enough? So far I've used 40v w/ Lanza 10p, kaaral 10.1, illumina 10/1 on my roots and they all turn out the same. Should I add a blonde booster or try chi cb? I just don't want to be platinum. Instead of toning, would it work better to use the pm drops when I lighten my roots? If the prob is I'm not going light enough would I just tone with a 9a to darken it up?

  2. please join the group, that is the only place I help with formula's , my time is precious and I try to help customers or future customers only ... because of my limited time.
    If that is you...... please join and send me a message, I ask that everyone understand just the basics of the Level System, so we may speak in same 'language' to solve your problem....
    There is a whole BLOG that you may learn from.
    thank u


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