August 4, 2013

Why ECOLOR is Preying On The Women Of America AND their Hair Color ! !


I have started to write this Post many times but then delete it when I feel like I am lowering myself to these, 2 dingbat owners Level of acting, by writing about them. But I have to listen to person after person complain about their service....or should I say disservice. I finally remembered why I started this business to begin with and that was to help the public when I thought someone was doing them wrong ...that has to do with their hair color or the health of their hair. . . and this falls into that category.

 So its time to talk about them. 2 Internet men that sold a Social networking site were looking for their next business to make a fortune on and that's who started the website: ECOLOR and someone needs to tell the public the truth.  I have had 1 too many people write me this week about their hair color being ruined by going to the site, their site is about 1/4 step worse than box color and 2 steps worse than Sally's and we all know how bad that is.  

How do I know this?

They asked me to work for them many years ago at the beginning to just "be the face'' - which I didn't get the meaning of right away so we talked back and forth and then finally set up a meeting.....(which never happened).
 These 2 Internet Hackers decided this is what they wanted their next business to be and they called me up 5-6 years ago when they were starting it up, Its base is about 40 miles from me here in L.A. next to UCLA - college dropouts....seems to be who used to start these businesses up.

At first it sounded -  good for them and good for me.  It was early in the professional hair business being talked about by me openly on the Internet. To be honest I feel they got a lot of their information from my site. But I have seen lots of my info all around the web - - for years forever...I have given up caring.
They wanted me to be the "face" for ESALON and then they would just do what they want......they wouldn't take any advice ....nor pay for my services. They just wanted my photo & name on their website......and it wasn't until the day I was getting ready to meet with them. . . . did they say "Oh we don't want to pay you, we thought you would be happy to just be the 'face' of our business.
 That was the ultimate insult - to me, are you kidding me ?? ! ! I asked them what they were going to do for hair color, because its one thing to claim you had made an internet program to pick out hair color (which was a hilarious idea to me) . As we all see by answering the Killer14 Questions and then still needing my help ! But then a whole other idea to claim you were making your own hair color. Making your own hair color is no small affair, they were purchasing some off-label color ALREADY MADE ! ! !  I asked them about the hair color they were going to use and he said "oh that doesn't matter" and that is when everything changed for me. I didn't even want to explain that huge -- misunderstood concept...because if he thought the problem was in just not having a computer SOFTWARE program, he was sadly mistaken.
 Boxed Hair Color is a "Computer Program Hair Color" (dingbat!)
If he was just going to use the same crappy made hair color like Sallys and the Boxed Hair Color companies . . . . to this day I am completely shocked he is still even on the web.

But no one but me really writes about the technical part of hair color with you, the public, in mind.
Watching out for you and your hair's health. You can make up your own mind but at least you have the true story of what even looks like a "SHADY BUSINESS" on the outside!

Look at it now, now they have a "cook" recommending their service.....Rachel Ray loves their hair color ( after a huge representation payment)  

Why would a Cook be a great person to back a Coloring Service?

That would be like me recommending restaurants to you........  which I would Never in a million years do that. That is not my expertise....what is wrong with these guys..??? 

 They have no Colorists Represented on their site and I am horrified for those of you who go there....its like going to Sally's Blind-Folded...Please be careful. 

15 comments on "Why ECOLOR is Preying On The Women Of America AND their Hair Color ! !"
  1. Hey! I am not an attorney, but this post is borderline for a lawsuit. I have blasted people and companies before with supporting documentation and personal testimony of a wrong to me, but you are reporting "hearsay"- would any of those people wronged be willing to appear in court? If the online company loses business based on your article, then you may be legally liable for the difference. Again, this is not legal advice, but you may want to pictures of supporting evidence. People can deny or lie all the time. I love your blog and your passion.

  2. Thats pretty funny . . . the whole point of Killerstrands is helping people when their hair gets destroyed by every one and every place around them....then having no where to turn.

    I am the one and only place to turn, that has an educated trained -experienced ( Board Certified)Stylist to help and guide them back to having healthy - pretty hair color once again.

    I would bet money you are one of the wing-nuts from that web-site ... why in the Hell else would you waste your time writing that in the first place.

    You certainly don't sound concerned about me !
    Its the Internet, in case you hadn't noticed, this is where people come for EXACTLY the reasons I mentioned!


  3. pHenomenalhairstylist I think you must be confused... Bloggers don't have to PROVE there is a wrong done to them in order to blog about what their opinion is about a product. She doesn't have to have testimony from others who were wronged, either. She is describing her experience with the company and unless she signed a nondisclosure agreement during thier negotiations, well she isn't breaking any laws.

  4. This article and your comments are in poor taste. Others rated this article with one star meaning they hated it; yet, you erased the ratings. You are as phony as your hair color. You are a disgrace. Do yourself a favor and erase my comment. I definitely lost a lot of respect for you.

  5. 1st they are a lawsuit........
    Now they are in poor taste....
    which one is it?
    You're a Hair Stylist and of course those with low talent wouldn't like me or Killerstrands... while I never EVER meant to take away any Stylists jobs, I truly only set my sights on people who had no access to quality hair care.

    oh... & I never touched any stars, this is the 1st I ever heard of them. I don't live out here, I do everything from behind in the administration area.

  6. pHenomenalhairstylist: I've been a litigation paralegal for 19 years and you, my dear, were, in fact, giving legal advice. INCORRECT legal advice at that. You should stick to doing hair and making people pretty rather than ill-advising bloggers on the internet about slander, defamation and what they could be liable for, which in this instance is ZERO liability for loss of customers to eSalon. If you wanted to practice law you should've went to law school so you would actually know what you're talking about. In other words, stfu.

  7. I have no idea who you are but you have spent 2 years at this.

    Are you trying to get me to take the Post down, is that your point? Why would I do that? I have merely explained exactly what happened to me. If any of it is lies, then that is on the owners of E-Salon, because that is exactly what "they told me at the time".

    I admit I was very naive and should have never even talked to them ....but you live & learn.

    I'm quite puzzled as to why your obsession is with me and my Post, why could you possibly care. . . and out of all the people out there writing crap on the INTERNET I truly don't feel I am one of the "bad-guys". 5000 people per day read this site, I must be doing something right.

    I give way more credit to people who read Blogs, they don't let us control them, they know when a fraud is a fraud.
    Relax, in the scope of things, this post is way down on the bottom of the barrel in significance !

    I would like to refer you to the Kardashians , now there are some people who need help....and lots of it.


  8. I may have gotten the names mixed up in my last post, but I will stick to my own hair stylist, and someone just saved me from purchasing a salon! Thank you very much!

  9. I can testify that KC is right on the money. ESalon ruined my hair, and six boxes of vanish later, I still see remnants... KC, if you ever need me to testify, I will gladly do so. I thank you for the education and the help... So very needed. I appreciate you very much

  10. I can testify that KC is right on the money. ESalon's colors were way off...and six boxes of vanish later, I still see remnants... KC, if you ever need me to testify, I will gladly do so. I thank you for the education and the help... So very needed. I appreciate you very much.

  11. I didnt have a problem with Esalon at all...and I loved the color...and the shampoo and conditioner were the best....

  12. Since I have started using their hair care lines, I have noticed a large amount of ny hair falling out daily. My hair is now thining along with massive breakage.

    1. Stop using them ASAP. Not a great sign, I suspect (because I interviewed with them for "possibly" working with them before I figured out 'who' they were) they have the worlds lousiest products, especially hair care. It is run by two young hipsters who sold their first company and made a few million before their sister told them that the beauty/hair color industry was where all the money was.

      They are computer coders who started a hair color company.

      When I was going to meet with them and they said they were going to use some color they made at a little local LAB that was my first red flag.....why? Because little brands of hair color are never very good I'm talking demi + permanent color PLUS developer.

      It takes lots of experience or already knowing the big companies formulas to really produce an excellent hair color line in that arena.
      Stop using them never go back and run for the hills. KC

  13. I used eSalon and I actually really liked their haircare products... BUT, their hair color was a nightmare. I used it for years not knowing really better. Despite careful application it would be patchy but worst of all, the color would come out wrong every few months. One time I had dark red hair, another time I wanted more gold/red and I ended up with BROWN hair.


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