August 7, 2013

The Color Wheel is a World Of Hair Color Solutions!

A lot of you have continued to have problems . . . . .understanding and conquering your problems with DURP. Which is why I am going to bring you another Bloggers's interpretation of the subject, maybe hearing it from a different POV it will help. Please ask questions at the end if you still don't understand - 

NO QUESTION IS A BAD QUESTION . . . please ask them in the group that is what it is there for!

World of Color

The Color Wheel  

The color wheel, sometimes called the color star or circle,is an important tool used to manipulate color. (we have a hair related Color Wheel that you can purchase for a reasonable price )... As the subtractive color model is being used here, the primary colors are cyan, magenta and yellow.....or Blue-Red & Yellow. However, as pure cyan and magenta are difficult to achieve, the nearest colors, blue and red, are used. Most artists adopt this color palette, with red, yellow and blue as the primary colors.By combining these primary colors, the secondary colors become green (blue + yellow), orange (red + yellow) and violet (red + blue). 

These can be arranged in a six-segment circle to form the color wheel .......see the image  -----When  exactly the same intensity of color is combined from the opposite side in the color wheel, they cancel each other out. Different strengths of color intensity will have a more subtle effect. So as you see in this graphic the purple and yellow are moving to the middle - where it is WHITE or they have cancelled each other OUT !   For example, adding violet to a predominantly yellow tone creates a mix of color that

absorbs the yellow wave-length of the light spectrum. 

This is particularly useful to the hairdresser and is often referred to as a complementary color.
 indicated on the left (green, blue, violet) are referred to as secondary colors ors on the right   (yellow, orange, red) are called 
The Color Wheel in Modern Hairdressing
The color wheel has evolved with modern hairdressing practice in order to fit in with the color systems and terminology in use today. To this end, different names are used for some of the colors.
fashion colors. The latter are brighter, glossier and more popular in today's fashions. So far, neutral colours have not been discussed. These include all the tones that are considered natural hair colours. Natural hair colour is a mix of chromatic colour (pure colours found within the colour wheel) and achromatic colour (black, white and the resulting grey tones). Within the colour wheel model neutral colours theoretically exist at the centre of the wheel.

The Color Wheel in Modern Hair Coloring

The color wheel has evolved with modern hair styling practice in order to fit in with the color systems and terminology in use today. To this end, different names are used for some of the colors.

 These are more in keeping with the actual result of adding, for example, a blue tone to the hair.
The result in this case would be a toned-down matt finish, not bright blue hair! 

Yellow = Gold
Orange = Copper
Red/Purple = Violet
Blue/Olive/Green = Matt

So what Sarah and I are trying to do get you all the base colors of the hair color lines we carry because if you can find a color or Toner with the OPPOSITE color of the one that is giving you the hard a Blue (or Cyan) Base for a Blorange tone, you would have your solution to the recently vey famous BLORANGE problems many of you are having. I am very excited with all the new Schwartzkopf Hair Colors we have and are acquiring in the near future.

Won't that be nice ?

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