July 21, 2013

Quit Weighing Yourself ... Weigh Your Haircolor

Many Colorists use a digital scale for mixing hair color and its about time I stress the importance of it to you.
Mixing the precise measurements of developer to color is made more precise by using a digital scale for measuring your hair color mixtures....which are also just as important as the processing times. A digital scale allows for the precise measurements that ensure a constant in your formula & maximize the effect of the hair color chemicals which contributes to keeping a HEALTHY HEAD OF HAIR . The easiest way to obtain the expected results is by strictly following your hair colors' system and weighing the color and the developer precisely by weight - instead of by volume. It really works out best (please don't let this scare you)   I want you to consider starting to weigh in grams instead of ounces. I know it sounds scary because we were not brought up with the metric system - but when formulating any personal care products you must weigh in grams because of how easy it makes life! A great addition all the better scales have is weighing in both so you can switch back and forth

There a zillion and one places to get digital scale's now-a-days . . . . let see. . . why would there be over a million places to purchase scales on the Internet ??? Could it possibly have to do with something illegal ??? Walmart, Target, Macy's online....all have them. I considered carrying the one I like, but the competition is so damn crazy I have decided to just give you a link to places to get them. ( the one I bought a hundred and fifty years ago)  buying them online - so I don't want you to make the mistake I did!

I still remember when I bought my first scale online.....I considered them all........ the price....how they looked and sounded & thought I finally chose the right one. So, don't make the mistake I did.........I spent about $ 20.00 on my first one and it was the size of a deck of cards ! Which only weighed to about 3lbs. Anyway, needless to say I had to purchase another one that was a more decent size and worked well for hair color measuring of all types. Escali makes a great scale and many of us purchased this one in Cosmetic Chemistry class. I have had this scale for over 10 years (knock on wood) and its a champ, simple and works for everything even shipping if need be....Here's the link to purchase it online even !
: http://www.target.com/p/primo-digital-scale/-/A-688856#prodSlot=medium_1_22&term=scales
The new line we are heading for gives some of its very cool beautiful color suggestions and they given in grams! Just trying to get you prepared...!

For Beautiful Hair!

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