July 5, 2013

Nappy, Wirey, Curlie-Wirlie Hair = Best Products Ever

I was having a Conversation in the KS group - which inspired me to write this Post. I was speaking with one of our zealous members who is a die hard fan of a certain line of products, just like me , that are unique, rare and wonderful. The said company is small and focused at curly hairs. Do any of you remember my tip ? ? ? ANYTHING that is made for "CURLY HAIR" is an excellent product for e v e r y o n e. Companies that formulate for curly hair usually have cosmetic chemists that actually 'get it', they understand the problems of hair (all hair) and therefore formulate correctly. The main focus needs to be the pH level of shampoos and conditioners & styling products - and this company has zeroed in on that, which is why she loves it so much ( although she doesn't know that) - but I do.

 I promise, some day soon we will have the "pH" discussion spread out over a couple posts, I think you all will find it fascinating, well maybe not all, but a large majority. I am finding many are becoming more and more interested in the technical parts of the world, which I LOVE! Congratulations. I still laugh when I was worried I wouldn't have enough to talk about - seems absolutely ridiculous now, huh? We have over 5000 readers every day now, I'm so proud of that, guess my writing is not that bad, that's a lot of people.

When looking for a good conditioner....look for any company that designs their products for curly or kinky hair.....I'm tell you they have deep conditioning - WIRED !  !

K I L L E R   C H E M I S T

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