July 12, 2013

Level System : Helps You Choose Hair Color Formula

I would love to see a show of hands, from all Killerstrands readers, as to who had heard of the “Level System” before landing here.level syste,m9
I’m fairly certain, that it would be few . . .  . In speaking to thousands of people both here in southern California and across this great land of ours the Level System is not even taught in the majority of Cosmetology Schools. Just with my little Blog here, I feel I’ve done ‘some’ to contribute to that whole attitude changing.I noticed in the past month many subjects opening up that I truly feel have to do with subjects I have opened up. Take advantage of every single one of them, is my best recommendation.97390255
The similarity between the medical world and the hair world is as about as close as I can come to something to compare the Professional Hair World to. In the medical field you have trained professionals who “hold tight”  all the secrets to repairing (or keeping in top shape) that body of yours. Same in the Hair World  - - the professionals in both worlds never want to ‘give too much up’ to you the public. The medical field ? ? same thing happens . . . I cannot speak for them, but I can understand why they might have to hide things, until they run diagnostic tests to confirm or deny their hypothesis first. Hair ??? The reason is fairly simple . . . if we teach YOU, then why would you need “us” ? ?

Killer Strands BLOG  is here to kick that wall down - -  if I were you I would take advantage of the situation and be a sponge, soak up all the education you can.The Internet has helped me so much with the disease I battle, and I truly wouldn’t know what I would have done without it. Doctors like to keep you in the dark the same way Hair Stylists like to, I’m convinced.

There are thousands of trained hair stylists out there at Salon’s who will NOT try a hair color on you, simply because they have NO IDEA how the Level System works – they “guess'”. Can you believe that? I mean to “guess” at something as critical and as important to people as their Hair Color just seems crazy to me.Had there not be the “level System of Hair Color I can guarantee you I would have turned toward “cutting and styling” instead.72301755 
Once I completed my year of training at Sassoon, I stayed on for another full year of apprenticing – under one of the Top Colorists in the World. That year was spent teaching & Assisting the Advanced Training Courses. These courses were designed to refresh and “update” the Color Skills of licensed Hair Stylists who had been doing hair for years. Being a newbie at the time,  I was absolutely blown away at how little these people knew about the Level System in Hair coloring, how little they knew about the proper method of coloring hair. It had been the only method I learned from the beginning – there was no other "system”  for doing hair color. To this day … I remember asking, “ how do they figure out which hair color or direction to go – without it ?”  Some of these people owned “chains of Salons” back east . . down south – all over the country - -  which is why I am sympathetic to teaching the public. There are just so many of you who have tried every single Salon in the town that you live in and are just tired of having their hair color destroyed or mis-colored.
THE LEVEL SYSTEM IS MANDATORY KNOWLEDGE in charting your plan for coloring your hair.
Whether the goal is Level 1 Black
or Level 12 – Platinum WHITE

                                          the more you know the less you fear

In every specialty I have pursued in my life, I have found that utilizing the best training and the best teachers on my path to mastering it, was the smartest move.
Remember….”Cowboy Colorist” …………..NO.
CRIB Colorist………………………………..YES
If you don’t know the difference . . .  I would recommend reading the appropriate Posts in the Blog. I have written numerous times about what each of them mean. The number 1 recommendation I give people new to the Store/Blog & Group ? ?
      Begin at the first post. . . skim each and every one. Stopping and reading carefully the Posts that pertain to what you are wanting to learn about. There truly is a “mini-Cosmetology” course here . . .actually something better as I did not hold back . . . so many tricks are divulged pertaining to Hair Color Formulating. Just read the POSTS “by date”  - - keeping track of the day you left off on – returning to it the following day. Guess where I got that idea from…………….YOU. I have numerous people every single week tell me that they have done that. Took me a while but I have finally relayed the message to those of you that have not figured that one out. PLEASE, I encourage everyone to review the BLOG that well. . .  it is a wealth of knowledge in all 3 categories: Hair Health - - Hair Color and Hair products.

Remember the ideas and systems I bring you are all THEORY, meaning it is scientific information that is supposed to work. But with each and every head of hair as different as each of our personalities  – there will never be an EXACT formula that will work for every single person until genetic testing crosses over with a hair company ( which to be perfectly honest is probably not as far away as it sounds)

The Level System
I was told by my mentor that when the Level System came along it replaced the “Dear God’ System with the “Thank God” System, there was finally a “system” of some sort. . .so many years were spent praying to the Hair Gods from above  - - that just sounds sooooo sketchy/scary to me.   
What I would suggest you do is to educate yourself as much as possible by reading every “POST” I have written on the Level System .  Study the Levels . . . remembering as a Crib colorist, you only need to learn YOUR 1 head of hair, while a Licensed Cosmetologist must learn EVERY type of hair. So once you get your base figured out and once you do a couple Strand Tests, you should be able to read how your hair reacts going lighter, darker and/or covering gray and not have it be guess work any longer. 
The factors that make the level System Differ from person to person:
  • Porosity
  • Density
  • Resistance
  • Length
  • Growth Direction
  • Scalp Abrasion
  • Texture
  • Condition
  • Scalp Disorder
  • Virgin Hair Color
  • Strength
  • Elasticity
  • Previous Hair  Color and or Treatments (remember hair CAN be repaired and re-moisturized)

The Level bobble heads990

The numerical system of judging color in stages, or numbers, one level being a measure of light or dark in the hair. The system assigns a number for measuring light or dark without regards to the “tones” I speak so much about. I would encourage each one of you to figure out exactly which Level AND Tone you are.

level 1-aaalevel 3 -ccc

level 5 -eee level 7-gg                 
level 9-lt blonder7                                                         level 11 - KKKKK    hope that helps . . . . 
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7 comments on "Level System : Helps You Choose Hair Color Formula"
  1. This cracks me up. Not because most professionals don't know the system, but because I've always referred to anyone greater than a level 7 as a 'blonde' -- prompting a lot of odd looks. Seems most people think of blond as being lighter, like a level 9 or higher. This is a pretty simple system to understand, despite the complexities in the variability of outcomes. I learned this because I was too poor to afford professional services, but I wanted exact results from my adventures with chemistry. It helps that I've been tinkering with my mop for over 20 years, so I'm acutely acquiainted with its variances. Research twice, color once. Okay, maybe not once...

  2. *Raises hand*
    I'm proud to say at my cosmetology school, we are being taught the Level system! I'm so glad too, because I'm learning it now, instead of having to go back and learn it later. :) However, it did not go up to a level 12 blonde, just 10, if I'm correct.. but thats okay. LOL

  3. If it did not go up to a Level 12, raise your hand and ask her to explain what level is a high-lift Tint??? There is a complete category of blonding colors that all the hair color companies have referred to as "High Lift Tints". They are lighter than a Level 10 so be armed with your response. She is teaching you incorrectly. My BLOG is affecting many facets of hair I am now noticing, so please PLEASE . . keep your comments coming.
    They will be monitored so all the SPAM needs to just forget making the attempt.

    What I teach here is completely 100% the God's Honest Truth, so please just 'learn' from it.

  4. Yes, I was actually aware of the level system before coming upon this blog, but as far as other hair color stuff I was quite clueless from what I have since learned. I started playing around with color when I was in high school. Then when I could afford to have it professionally done I realized I didn't like what they did and would rather do it myself. I would say cool blonde and bring in pics to no avail. I just figured if it turned out brassy at least I didn't pay a fortune for it like I was before. Sometimes I wonder what some of them do in hair school if they are not learning color and giving terrible cuts after however long on the job.

  5. Is it femmie for a guy to wanted to go to hair school? cause im really interested in going.


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