July 14, 2013

Hair Colorist of the Years 's . . .Winning Hair Color

Keep an Open Mind . . . 
                     Hair Color is truly becoming its own Art FIELD.....
                       a true and realistic ART Form ! 

   Its why I got into this field in the first place...
                                             I have this side of me that always must be doing something "Art" based 
                                       and its as if I don't scratch that itch ......it bothers me.  But enough of that ... let's enjoy this ......
                                        I truly think it is a beautiful piece  of ART work ...............

                                              Don't YOU???

1 comment on "Hair Colorist of the Years 's . . .Winning Hair Color"
  1. I can't tell you how thankful I am for finding your site last week. I was on the verge of a breakdown about my hair and before I did anything drastic I took to the web and found you guys.
    A little over a week ago I finally (after a year and a half) made an appointment with a local salon to have my hair colored. I had a baby last year and had not been coloring due to time and just lack of money in general. Well I made the appointment and brought pictures with me showing the overall color and cut I was looking for. It required the stylist to highlight my hair mainly around the face and crown of my hair. I am not new to hair color and not stupid to processes either, so I knew half way into my sitting there was a problem. First the stylist was foiling way too much of my hair and the bleach was overbearing in smell. She did not tone or use multiple colors, just bleach. I tried during the appointment to ask questions and voice my concerns, but this did nothing. In the end I was left with what I will call 80s porn style hair. Very uneven highlights that were overprocessed (white almost grey) in places and under processed (almost orange) in other places. I have very fine hair and explained to her that this much bleach and foils would do this but she didnt listen. I called several times to talk to the manager with no help. The manager finally agreed to a follow up consultation in which she wanted to charge me a "discounted fee" for fixing the color and also told me in 15 ways how it was my fault this happened.
    This brought me to you! And I couldn't be happier! After days and days of reading your articles, taking numerous notes (you should see my notebook), printing out color wheels, jotting down color combinations and finally documenting a plan of attack, I fixed the problem. I could not be happier with the way my hair turned out last night. It looks amazing! Probably the best color I have had in years. It took three hours, numerous conditioning treatments to prepare for and a total of 6 colors to achieve what I wanted in the first place. I did it!!!
    Your site helped me not only save money and time, but get my sanity back! I had always looked at color the wrong way. I looked for what I wanted instead of what I NEEDED. Granted I was scared going into it last night mixing the colors, but I trusted you guys and I am so glad I did. Trust me all you women skimming through these articles, take the time to READ them, take notes and make a plan of attack. Wear a pony tail or cute head wrap for a few days while you wait, that's what I did and KC saved the day/hair!!!! Again I can't thank you enough!!! But one question, how do I get hair color off my hands?? HAHA yes I didn't wear gloves due to very high allergy problems and no matter what kinds I try they break my hands out and cause blisters. Now I have one hand that looks like I stuck my hand in dirt!!!


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