August 2, 2017

Welcome A New Member of Our Team and a New Writer - Who Will Join In the EDUCATION Process As well ! Yahooeyy! !

KC here 
I have 2 things to announce today........... 
1 you will love, the other I'm not sure about !
I have hired a fellow Crib Colorist to help me with social media/education Posts for Blog, she has been a long time Crib Colorist and is quite enthusiastic about the job, as am I - with her. 

I need some help and she sounds perfect, here is what she has written to introduce herself and she has a lot of great ideas, for both Blog & Store.  Plus she is a writer and she actually studied & basically consumed the Blog and is very smart about Color Theory, all from reading the Blog only ........... if she can can learn an entire Cosmetology course from our Blog - so can you ! 

She solved all of her hair problems and was a Level 2-3 and you should see her beautiful blonde (brass-free) hair. It is truly beautiful....truly I don't even believe what she has accomplished ( I will make her Post some photos - so you can see what she has done and you can see with a little reading and old fashioned can have the most beautiful hair of your life. SHE DOES! 
I think its going to help having her viewpoint for some of you, as soon as she gets settled I will have her respond to her own Posts to you. But we had to go to war with Facebook as I joined when they were brand new and I couldn't get her on it(I feel so old sometimes in this whole e.commerce world!) But, we won that war and she will be tied directly to you as of now via both Facebook and especially Pinterest.

Her hair is amazing for how dark she is.....naturally....simply amazing.

Take it away CG. . . .

Let me introduce myself

I am a long time Crib Colorist, I cannot reveal my age… but I am definitely on the wrong side of 30. I have four awesome children, the youngest is going to kindergarten and the oldest is college bound, the other two are somewhere in between…so yeah, I’m not really a planner. Anyway, I found KC about three years ago after a box color disaster that resulted in a neon orange halo around my head.  At that time, I did not realize that you could not use color to lighten color… I know, I know, but this is truly a difficult concept for most people to understand and I learned it the hard way.  Since I’m always so busy with my family and life in general, I’ve never had the time to sit in a salon and pay hundreds of dollars for something that I didn’t ask for.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve asked for Mariah Carey and have gotten Carrot Top.


I was ecstatic when I discovered Killerstrands blog and store and learned that I could control what happened to my hair with actual professional hair products…. I mean, it’s my hair and I want what I want.

Finally, there is someone out there that wants to help us!!! I’ve made mistakes along the way, so I suggest that you read and read carefully. If you are new to this wonderful website and store, welcome, and please know that good hair and patience are one in the same.
I’ll see you around!

Crib Colorist

She wrote a wonderful little Post on going Blonde and  being as it IS #ATOMICBLONDE week ..... I may as well Post it Now.. . . . it reveals the pitfalls in getting to (brass-free)  blonde and I can tell from what she wrote she made a few mistakes in getting there ! 
I think many of you will appreciate and relate to it. . . .


Going Blonde?

Here are some Tips for the Crib Colorist… from a Crib Colorist
1.       If you have damage….STOP!!!

If you have next level damage, using a lightener or bleach will just #highlight the damage and your hair will end up like straw when dry and gummy when wet.

2.       Choose the Lightener or Bleach for your level of experience
I find that cream lighteners like Killerstrands very own Creamy Oil Bleach Kit, give you a little bit more working time because they do not dry out as quickly and are gentler. Remember, once the bleach is dry…it is no longer working, meaning all it is doing is drying out the hair which leads to damage. Whatever you do, please do not buy drugstore lightener, lightener from Sally’s or shopping sites like Amazon because you will almost always pay for it later.
3.       Make sure that you have everything you need at hand
Nothing ruins your day like finding out that you do not have everything you need to go blonde. Order weeks in advance and don’t forget your toner!
4.       Do not use cheap brushes!!!

Invest in good quality brushes. Low quality brushes will pull and snag your hair…remember, you want to be as gentle as possible when doing any kind of process to your hair.

5.       Do not bleach squeaky clean hair.

Wait at least for third day hair…longer if possible, letting those natural oils build up to protect you hair, especially if you plan on using lightener or bleach on or near the scalp.

6.       Know what is in your water
Depending on where you live, you may want to consider investing in a shower filter. Minerals metallics, chlorine and even some medications can cause a chemical reaction with the lightener, which can sometimes cause the hair to smoke or even melt.
7.       Don’t be Basic!

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