July 30, 2017

Over Conditioning….Yes, Its a Thing You Can Do To Your Strands ! So Pay Attention Boys & Girls

Over Conditioning….yes, it’s a thing.

One of our very own Crib Colorist, I will call her CG , until she gets brave enough to come introduce herself is going to help me with the Social Media and I am Beyond thrilled. !

 Here is her story:

She has been with me a very long time, and she shared a story with me about her experience with a well-known deep conditioning mask. 

Now she is familiar with our overnight, conditioner Thriven and uses it often, but just happened to run out of it and needed a deep conditioner immediately… so like many of you she purchased a deep conditioning mask from a nearby salon. 

What she didn’t realize, is that, this particular deep conditioner contained protein and was not meant to be left in over the recommended 10 minutes…you know the saying, “less is more”.  Unfortunately, she continued to leave this conditioner in overnight for several weekends in a row until she realized her hair was dry and brittle. 

 Her hair was so dry and brittle that it stuck like Velcro to the fabric off whatever shirt she happened to be wearing.  It was weeks before she discovered that the misuse or overuse of protein was in fact damaging her hair.  It has taken months and several trips to the salon to get rid of the damaged hair. 

The reason that I’m sharing this story, is that, you can over condition the hair!!! 

Please pay attention to the directions on hair products that you buy from salons and beauty supply stores, they often come with little to no advice from the individuals that work there.  

Our Thriven and Thriven Lite can be left in overnight.  It is one of the best things you can use to condition the hair, especially damage or processed hair….or both. 


3 comments on "Over Conditioning….Yes, Its a Thing You Can Do To Your Strands ! So Pay Attention Boys & Girls "
  1. Many times I caught myself on using only 1 type of conditioner / treatment every time I washed my hair, cause I loved the result, but after something like 2 weeks it would be fucked. You just have to observe your hair. Looks like a pile of hay - add moisture + emollients. Tangles like hell, looks greasy, you can't get a brush through and hair sticks to each other and clumps together - add proteins. In both situations use strong shampoo first to get rid of protein/emolient excess. Hope this helps someone

  2. This happened to me too :(

  3. I'm so sorry this happened to you. In my case, I didn't follow the instructions as I should have... less is more. You should try Thriven. It is excellent for this, you can either leave on overnight or for a few hours. There is even a Thriven Lite, which is great conditioner for after shampooing.


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