July 12, 2017

"GREEN" Permanent Hair Color, Checks All My Boxes for great "RESULTS" + A Brand New Look For The Store's Website Up & Coming Soon

After I was forced into retirement, from the Salon environment - I was lucky enough to find this group that a semi-famous/brilliant Cosmetic Chemist taught. He had invented mascara for Max Factor in the 60's, I think it was and made formula's for new products all the time. Anyway for 2 years we got to pick his brain about everything "personal Care" related, and boy was I in the right place at the right time. I learned the other side of the arguments about a lot of misconceptions about our hair & Cosmetics industry & to be perfectly frank, most of these Corporations are not trying to kill us, they really are not, because there are good people (like my teacher) who are simply trying to just make better . . . . safer. . . products for mankind. Don't get me wrong there are a couple dozen companies that should be shut down that I can think of off the top of my head....there are always a few jerks in every class. But basically they are doing it for a good reason.. The most involved topic that I have heard endless hours of debate on is on the word "NATURAL". What is.........what isn't?? What products can we call NATURAL.I have never decided which side of the fence I'm on because I understand both now and both sides are necessary for things to run smoothly (kind of like our government).

Which brings me to today's topic : Natural Hair color...........or as I like to refer to it as:
GREEN Hair color. When you think about it "natural'' just means anything that has come from nature or the earths ground or atmosphere.


This particular category to me does not refer to any hair color product you buy at the health store, trader joes, costco, etc.....I'm talking a professional hair color that is made to be as pure and as natural as can possibly be made and most importantly does not sacrifice amazing results.
 I have been testing these for over 10 years and I have never found one that I would attach my name to. This changed last weekend when I tried Essensity( which of course we carry in store) on my Level 8 Copper-red hair. I had been receiving multiple positive reviews from customers . . . enough to where I decided I needed try it myself on my own hair, because that to me is the true test .Redheads are so sensitive to everything.

Good news ladies and gents - I loved it. . . and my scalp didn't feel all weird and tight afterward either. Hey, I don't know if I am allergic to any ingredients that are in hair color but as I've aged I notice for the first time ever i started to have minor sensitivities after coloring my hair, but back then I had tested them all......& couldn't find one I loved, this one I do.
Then Essensity re-did their formula and that is when the good reviews started to come in.....for me in a completely organic way.

Let me Quote you what the company says about the product:


 *New ESSENSITY vs. previous ESSENSITY Color

PURE PERFORMANCE.....ESSENSITY offers color performance and results.

The permanent ammonia-free oil color respects the multi-tonal reflections of the hair and provides up to 100% white hair coverage with up to 4 levels of lift.
  • Ammonia-free Permanent Color
  • 58 shades
  • Up to 100% white coverage
  • Up to 30% more color intensity and 50% longer color retention* 
  • The Secret Lies In Phytolipid Technology -- The combination of specially re-designed color pigment mixes and plant-based oils that contain lipids found in healthy-looking hair maximizes color performance. Re-designed color pigments for most precise tone direction and enhanced color intensity with true-to-tuft & true-to-nature results.
Optimal Performance
Up to 4 Levels of Lift

They have a few new colors even ! :




For those with sensitivities we finally have a well thought out brand - which BTW I heard just today is being re-designed and updated packaging. I mean I think this packaging is fine, but Schwarzkopf has a whole new impressive line of Blonde products I will be adding with very snazzy packaging ! I don't ever buy products for packaging -  so I do not recommend that to anyone!

Get Ready everyone for a completely NEW LOOK for the store's website
its coming shortly. 
Give it a chance and just try things out, it will be easier in the end, I promise


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