August 31, 2017

Number 1 Shampoo in the Land of Bubbles & Sulfate-Free

I would imagine most consumers think there are constant changes going on in shampoos, from all the wacky commercials on the tube. Frankly, within the chemistry make-up and formulation ends they have not changed that much in the last 30 my eyes, that is not a good thing. About a month ago I made a few calls to some of the major shampoo manufacturers in the USA to see what they had to say about the biggest changes  within their up coming shampoo releases.

This was the best news I have heard in a very very long time. They all said the same thing: "Sulfate-Free" is their number 1 Red Flag. Which has been a knife in my side now for at least 4 years . . . .
So rejoice . . they have finally heard the complaints and bitching I and many of my stylist compadres have unleashed on the world! I'm not going to complain about the time it took . . . at least "it took". That is a very good thing.

I cannot completely prove that SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a 100% cause of all the hair loss and hair thinning in women of late....because I still feel from all my research that it is because of the synergistic effect of any one of, or combination of ... of the 10 steps of 10,000 HEADS. 


But when you open the top of a simple small jar of SLS and the inside of your nose,eyes and lungs BURN  from 1 tiny inhale ( which is what I did !) .....SOMETHING IS DRASTICALLY WRONG ... who in their right mind would put that on the hair and hair follicles...??? wow that subject infuriates me...and always will. Stay away from SLS, become accustom to reading labels please....just like you do for your food. You have to learn to protect yourself...there are so many millions of products on the market now that it is not even realistic to think that our government could keep control over that entire industry. 
We can't even keep Terrorists out of the country that are trying to kill us with guns and 747 Airplanes !

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  1. Hey KC it's JOG. I tried the John Masters and it wasn't my favorite (that's MY's a quality poo it just didn't work for ME)...but I wanted to ask if you had tried Aubrey's Organics? I LOVE the green tea clarifying shampoo for oily hair. It only takes a tiny bit too!

  2. Try Rare El'ements Pure Shampoo it is everything you want in a shampoo

  3. I found john masters to make my curls to drying an frizzy....dunno i guess it was to harsh on my hair it was all tangled and stuff.....DEFFO NOT MY FAVE !

    ill have to try the aubry organix range soon

  4. KC -

    Have you ever heard of sodium trideceth sulfate? It's in a lot of baby shampoos/washes/bubble baths, and I'm interested in keeping my away from harsh chemicals. I know at it has the best rating possible, whereas SLS & SLES are listed as a skin irritants, but I was wondering if you had any experience with it.


  5. Everyone,
    Here in southern Cal when I pick a shampoo that I like...everyone has always followed me without any flak .
    I truly don't know why John Masters didn't work for you Internet readers???

    Now that we have learned that the big bubbly super lathery surfactants called SLS, SLES or Sulfates are really BAD FOR OUR SCALP & HAIR, its time to get used to a different type of shampoo.

    Once I learned that massive amount of bubbles and lather were a bad thing, I never wanted them on my head again. All my clients agreed.

    The pH is perfect and the surfactants as well as all the remaining ingredients in John Masters shampoos are almost perfect. The shampoo just isn't a giant bubbly lathering shampoo(because of the healthier more gentle surfactant) plus the price point is a nice mediocre one.
    I began to change shampoos every time someone on Killer Strands said they didn't like my choice.

    My clients all still use John Masters and are fairly upset that I no longer carry here at the house. Well, to each his own . . .I have never seen such mild fading from a shampoo as I have from John Masters... therefore I am returning to what I like and what I think is the smartest of all the shampoo's on the marketplace.

    I just tried a beautiful new shampoo ...PURE Elements...its $40.00 for 8 ounces (holy shit) lots of lather, a great shampoo that I am sure almost anyone would like...I just don't like the price point. I've tested it on a few clients and myself and have some hairs soaking in it currently( I leave them in for 30 days then check under the microscope)

    Shampoo is a very individual item I have each his own. I am more than happy to hear of new choices and new finds that all of you have, so keep writing about them.

    But for me and my Southern Cal clients...John Masters Organics shampoos is the new shipment is arriving any day now! (btw: they have a wonderful new conditioning shampoo in a tube) I love to have one shampoo and just call it a day.

    I and all my clients used Pureology for 9 years straight. Till they sold out. I thik one shampoo can work wonderfully for one person ad terribly for another, everyone just needs to find the one that suits them!

    Super Ro far as for you, I don't have my chemistry book here so I cannot look it up, but if it was MY baby.I wouldn't even take a chance...why would you want to?
    Have you ever checked out California Baby's products? just use their shampoo/body wash they use luscious ingredients .


  6. I have been using Innersense Color Awakening Hair Bath for the past 3 weeks and LOVE it. Sulfate free and very mild + non-stripping.

  7. Hey, I'm finally coming to the conclusion that the better I treat my hair, the better it will the first thing I did was listen to a stylist when she said to start using the non-permanent color and I only do it once every 3 or 4 months and do the whole head (of which I can only find one brand), don't really know how to make it so I have to buy it but also yesterday I got my hair permed...looks great but that stylist told me to use sulfate free so what I'm wondering is what would be a good shampoo/conditioner for this?

  8. Hi, this is the same anonymous who got permed. I forgot to mention that I'm also on a tight budget. I got some Coloresse but I'm not sure how well it's working...was thinking about the Giovanni for dry/damaged hair and what about a conditioner? Should I just use a leave in?

  9. anonymous,
    so glad to hear you've figured out the most simplest of hair rules:
    treat it right & it will look great.
    #2)> I don't believe in Perm's. That's just me, I feel with a Great haircut, and using the "natural" texture of your hair - everyone can have GREAT hair.

    As far as which shampoo, you seem as tho you must be European and I am not familiar with the brands you mention. I have a British hair Stylist I can ask if that would help . . ? Let me know - HTH
    Hope That Helps

  10. Super Ro,
    Sorry I think I missed your post, so sorry. About 10 years ago I was all caught up in that web site, then when I become more educated in the real world of cosmetic chemistry...I could see that Cosmetics Safety took it way too far.
    I've told the infamous multi-million dollar lawsuit story(that changed and opened up my mind) stemming from the women who were permanently blinded by Max Factor Mascara.
    That was before preservatives were added to many cosmetics...without preservatives, bacteria grow in your cosmetics...from you applying and re-applying.... when bacteria grows - infections develop. Infections can cause a host of problems, blindness, etc..

    It is a careful "balance" in the percentage of preservative versus the amount of product...and that I feel is the problem. If you listen to Cosmetics Safety they feel that NO preservatives should be used . . .or preservatives that are natural. Natural preservatives do not prevent the type of infection that cause problems like blindness.
    I doubt you will find one cosmetic chemist that would agree with the practice of using a "natural" preservative...they simply do not work.
    There were 2 years when I was really involved with Cosmetic Chemistry... I have a neurological disease which affects my memory & learning capacity.. so the whole cosmetic chemistry world has just become too difficult for me.
    These days, I stick with the basics...and will look up anything I need to know now.
    hope that's helpful

  11. actually, I'm american and I live in Georgia...I finally had had enough of the limp hair no matter what I did so I got the perm and so far so good. The Coloresse I actually got at Sally Beauty and the Giovanni I've found online but also noticed some "bargain" stores have it in their organic sections. I also noticed that you say not to use much conditioner and I was trying to figure out how to balance that with the perm when they say to only condition on some days. Anyway, any help you could give would be great...especially since I'm on a tight budget and can't afford to keep buying new stuff! Thanks

  12. realized that my last comments may have gotten a bit confusing so I figured I'd lay it all out...

    I just recently got a perm and maybe I won't need to again but as of now guess I'll just have to wait it out.

    I color my hair every 3 - 4 months with the non-permanent ammonia free clairol natural instincts (but when I can afford it I wouldn't mind getting a hair color consultation, etc!)

    I almost never blowdry my hair.

    The only product I use in my hair besides shampoo/conditioner is TIGI Bedhead Small Talk anti frizz.

    I need a good sulfate free shampoo that's not too expensive. I see that you recommend a lot of John Masters and I just can't afford that especially adding in shipping. I'd prefer to be able to get something I can pick up at a store. I did see that apparently the TIGI Bedhead Superstar sulfate free shampoo has a lot of good comments on other sites.

    I also need to know about conditioning. I saw that you don't really advocate conditioner every day but since I have a perm I'm not really sure of the best "conditioning protocol" I've been using shampoo and just a leave in conditioner instead of the traditional wash out conditioner. I've only been shampooing every other day and the other days just wetting the hair and using the leave in.

    Any advice you could give would be great! Just looking for a good shampoo/conditioner and protocol as for using it! Thanks

  13. why don't you try the brand : ORGANIX HAIR, a lot of readers have had good success with that...and its available at your local drug store.

  14. wowo this is awesome info.
    I came across this post through kechiko's post...
    thanks for the super useful info
    I gotta try this shampoo


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