September 22, 2017

No New Color from Old Hair Color --- or, Can I Save Leftover Hair Color

Had a couple questions lately about the idea of saving hair color once its mixed - or in other words: can i save the "leftovers'' ? !

Now, I completely understand wanting to save hair color, because it's pricey and so many times you end up mixing too much, but that concept absolutely is 100% wrong and please... never ever save opened /mixed hair color (color with developer added), please.

 I have explained this reasoning in one of the many hundreds of Posts written in this Blog . . . but am happy to revisit now (which is why I encourage everyone to read Blog -- Cover to cover) There are a zillion and 1 posts with pearls of wisdom throughout, solving little hair issues, along the way it connects with almost everyone for one reason or another. Courtney who now works here at Killerstrands & has been a Crib Colorist for a couple years, is surprisingly on-point about almost every subject I ask her about. So you too can be like her and have the knowledge that i possess, dropped on your brain - - -  it will help you for a lifetime. I feel most people care about their hair more than their spouse, children or siblings ! I'm kidding of course. . . because when I took a poll once on our men's BLOG (Razerburn- closed now) over 90% of men....... when asked " what physical part of a female do you love the most? Answered : their HAIR ! Can you believe that?

The reason?  :

 is basically rooted in a whole lot of Scientific jargon, but to make it 100% does NOT work. When coloring hair, you notice that in pro hair color... the tubes themselves are hermetically sealed. Which means it is sealed so tightly absolutely zero oxygen can enter. 

In order to simply pour it to bowl, you must be pretty strong just to roll down the tube, which is why i suggest a tube Key to make life easier and mainly to get every last drop, its important ...Therefore, use a lethal pointed top and poke a hole in it to open up. It is super tightly sealed for a purpose, if it wasn't it would immediately oxidize and be unusable. Even at the brand new stage "out-of-its-shell" it can oxidize, imagine how fast it oxidizes and becomes unusable once you add the developer. 

When I color very long or very thick/curly hair, I mix up maybe 3-4 batches of hair color while going along . . . you simply add the developer right before you are going to use it --- ALWAYS mixing the hair colors together FIRST, prior to adding developer! You want a fresh batch of color every so-often if you have one of those types of hair.

Hair color oxidizes, which basically means when it hits the oxygen one molecule runs off  and then it will slowly - - pretty much dies off. So,basically, it no longer has the "power" it needs to color the hair. I know many of you do not like to hear this but: the way hair color works, is the result of various chemical reactions which make the hair color 'long-lasting'. But, don't you worry your little heads about those words..... because baking and cooking are just a giant conundrum of chemical reactions and you are putting that IN your body!

Remember : My mission in life currently is to get every last one of you trained properly in hair health & hair coloring techniques. Therefore, if needed or wanted, you can either take care of your own color in a jam, OR you can take over it for fun/hobby. For some reason this past 2 weeks has been riddled with calls inquiring about the need to be able to take care of their own color with Professional results.1/2 were because of health issues by family members and the other half ? desire to join our own Crib Colorist Militia: whose goal it is to become talented home hair colorists (Crib Colorists) and to take up a new hobby!

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