August 4, 2017

There Are "Con's" to Natural/Organic Class Products

Asked about a difference in one of our Oils lately, I decided it was a good chance to let you in on a couple 'drawbacks' I STUMBLED upon as I went through my learning stages with the ole 'natural' & 'organic' categories.Coming from the first person in any generation of both my ex's & my own family's & anyone either of us knew EVER in our lives history - to not only:
  • have both my kids 100% natural ( no drugs) .....but also to
  • made baby food from food I steamed, boiled & chopped up (before cuisinart)
  • did not use a microwave ( they were new)
  • nursed them both : couple years
That is the type of person I was wwwwwway before the masses picked up on any of these trends. After I truly studied the science of it all and then began playing with things in a lab, my entire set of opinions & ideas changed.  At times I will receive inquiries about the "oils'' I use being different .....whether it be feeling - looking- smelling or - working... 

Same oils - different vendors/ different country's/different dirt/ different plants.............which means different outcome

That's the part about "natural" that many people don't realize.
Things made in a lab......... of course.............. will always be exactly the same
Lab ingredients ( lab created oils are "silicone's" and all the various types of them) - - 
Or there are certain SATURATED and UNSATURATED Oils - -  that are made of natural ingredients that go through multiple processes to make them more "SIMILAR" to each other....

so the outcome is more EXACTLY the same......but a true natural - organic ingredient : which is what a 'carrier' oil is ..............would
( and should) be different, every time.
If its not then someone is tampering with it, that shouldn't be!

I've bought Rose-hips oil for over 20 years now because it is my absolute favorite for my dry sensitive skin and one time.........I mix it with others because alone it is much too powerful. Rose-hips are the flower of a rose plant. Think of all the zillions of types of roses there are. Each rose produces a different color rose-hips - - which in turn creates a different can be different in:
  • color
  • density
  • scent
  • feel
  • slip...........
Same with all carrier oils which is what these are.

When I started Killerstrands and began sharing it, I had to purchase in large amounts so I had purchased Several GALLONS which is out-of-this-world in cost....
But it was from a different hemisphere let alone country / dirt / farm / plant (can you imagine how many different types of roses there are!?!?!?!)
The difference was night and day...and the scent of it was unbearable - so now I only buy in small batches, because I just never know.....
and I don't really want to, otherwise, again.............its made in a lab.
People complained about the cost and that forced me to purchase the middle of the road version instead of the top-of-the-line
 -- although there really there is no such thing as a low quality rose-hips oil. 

Regarding the scent of the oils...............
There really is no scent to any of these oils
Have you ever purchased a plain vegetable oil? What do they smell like? Oil !
Any fragrance there was we added........... a very tiny amount of an essential oil, because soooo many people have sensitivities to fragrance now-a-days, I had to get rid of the fragrance oil we originally used.
Essential Oils come directly from a plant as well and are processed as little as possible/
they are the single most natural way to have a "bottle of scent".......they also depend if you bought a certain fragrance of each essential oil---------lets just say "blood orange". But the blood orange scent comes from the LEAVES that are put through a big giant PRESS and then a whole process takes place to extract some sort of scent from those leaves and a whole complex process to get very little oil out of,
but what it is . . . . it is NOT from the fruit of the orange. Then this Blood orange can be from Spain or it can be from Bolivia and that is where I notice the biggest difference from northern to southern hemisphere ! ! !
Kind of depressing ...huh?!

Now to continue on to "natural"organic" hair color? That is even worse I am sure there are some people out there that have tried the hair color you can buy at a health food store/ Whole Foods that are happy , but in the last 10 years all I have ever heard are all the disasters and orange hair results. Doing hair color organically if you really think about it makes no sense. I mean that is how Cleopatra died her hair, with plants that sat in oils for a zillion years, is that what you really want to experiment on your hair with? I highly recommend you  use either Essensity by Schwarzkopf

or  INNOSENSE  by Wella

both are as organic as you are going to get ( no ammonia) and yet still have beautiful hair color and shine!
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