December 5, 2015

What Would Be a Great Toner For Brunettes?

About twice a year I will receive emails from disgruntled Brunettes who say all I do is write for Blondes...well that is because Blonding is the epitome of the term "high maintenance". So they are constantly having to tweak their hair color formulas - etc. Brunette's just don't have that much maintenance....... but when this question came in this morning I felt it so good...I bet a lot of you darker haired people will appreciate it.

Wella Color Touch  

Here was her question: 

What Would Be a Great Toner For Brunettes?

 Here is my answer to her:

In my opinion Wella Color Touch is the single best line of Toners all around. The entire industry uses them for the absolute best shine and variety of colors. 
 The entire line is A solid Demi-Permanent line and you have the choice of 6 or 13Volume Developer. So just look at the swatches of color and remember this one very important fact....

All WELLA COLORS run 1 Level Darker

Lets just imagine.........

you have Level 6 hair and want a Toner, you would choose the LEVEL 7 colors. 

For example Using 7/7 or 7/71, one of my fav formulas in the brunette range....would be mixing these 2 colors:

1.) 8/0 N......50%
2.) 8/71 ........50%...remember in actuality these colors are a LEVEL 7

mix well first then add developer which is either 6 or 13 Volume - that's a personal preference ( me I would use 13 Volume but both are fantastic).

Another Trick Wella's Color Touch is great for is.......... root touch-ups or hair thinning cover-ups. 
All you have to do is mix up 1 tablespoon of the color you want to use , then add 2 Tablespoons of 13Volume stir well, then apply right down the center or side part and at the sides along the hairline. This is just buying yourself some time.

Hey on second thought you could also use BOOST & BURST in CASHMERE CHOCOLATE BROWN

Have you tried our BOOST & BURST?  They are Professionally tinted hair shampoos and conditioners, you wash and condition the color 'IN" and Wash & shampoo the color out, if you want to do something different with your hair! 

My assistant has waist length 2 inch thick hair which is gorgeous Level 5-6 - earlier this year she had some OMBRE highlights and she didn't like how they made her hair feel, so I asked her to just try BOOST & BURST in Cashmere Chocolate Brown. That way you can shampoo in .,....and use regular shampoo to eliminate any remaining color if you want

Either are great..........Its a great question ! 

Hope this helps
let me know if you need more

 Good Luck and God Bless,

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  1. Thank you!! Ordering wella color touch and boost/burst (intrigued about the golden cashmere!?) now! I had the level 2 professionally stripped out and the 5ish deposit has faded to a mousey Brown with lighter-faded blended lengths, so now I want to try experimenting with crib deposit/toning using your products and advice. So excited and thank you! Excellent


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