April 9, 2014

How to Become the Incredible Lightness of Being a High-lift Blonde !

One must accomplish these professional tricks to 
getting the maximum lightness out of a high-lift blonde:

  • Apply couple squirts of Gleam apply wherever color is going lightly (Gleam does NOT have silicone in it, if you have other brand oils they most likely have silicone's which screws up the way hair color works - I've never seen 1 oil without silicone in it but Killerstrands i'm sure there is more I just have not found them!
  • Use Schwartzkopf blonde booster E-O ( read the pamphlet as I have a lot of things memorized but not the amount of 'booster to color' in every brand very few even have them)
  • Ratio of developer to color must be DEAD on EXACT.... which would be for every high-lift in every brand --- 1:2  for every 1 ounce of color add 2 ounces of developer. We call it "DOUBLE 40 "
  • Color must be must be applied & processed in a warm/hot room
  • must be processed for minimum 55-65 min.
  • must use VIOLET developer / 40Volume using Highlift ---  20Volume if using Cream lightener/bleach on scalp
  • Rinse out 3 minutes longer than normal - 'light' shampoo not touching scalp
  • lightly towel dry
  • USE INTENSIVE to lock in color and prevent fading for at least 30 minutes.
  • Then we apply the toner............if you do all of that u would have a better idea if the highlift was going to work.
If it doesn't look good after all those professional tricks.
I'm sorry but you will have to give into the cream Lightener most likely.
Your hair is most likely too dark and has the wrong DURP which is only a matter of genetics, and you simply can't change that.

Remember my rule:


1 comment on "How to Become the Incredible Lightness of Being a High-lift Blonde !"
  1. Thank you KC!!! I wanted to try highlift and this helps alot!


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