March 20, 2014

Wild Side Hair Color Predictions - Summer 2014

Predictions for some beautiful shades of Crazy Color Pastels.

Killerstrands sends the Directions of how to make pastels to achieve a whole head of color or even if you just want the 'tips' of your hair colored with a pastel, it would be fun for a week or 2 , don't let all these photos from creating your own look.  Please check out the lines of crazy color we carry, and just know when you buy any brand you can request the professional secret as to how to pull off the "PASTEL" look you seen in these photos of hair - summer 2014
                       Rose Raspberry                                              

                                Blu Bob

Shrunken UP Violet 

Roots Alive

 Metallica Blue Wave

 Sky - Hawk

Tangerine Dream

and here is the formula:

12% =  40Volume

Remember, she has VIRGIN hair tho . . . .  


 Follow these directions and if you need any help at all join our GROUP
 in which you get to talk to KC about your hair formula or dilemma's or 
whatever your case may be !

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2 comments on "Wild Side Hair Color Predictions - Summer 2014 "
  1. It would be nice to be able to read ingredients ourselves.

  2. What Ingredients? You've lost me???


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