March 18, 2014

Dye By The Seat Of Your Pants

(and why)

Boxed Hair Color Kits should be banned from the shelves of every store

Plain and simply:
they are FALSE Advertising
I believe the manufacturers should get in trouble, for false advertising!

My goal is for you, the consumer, to have the proper tools to complete a good head of hair color on your hair -- yourself.
But . . . .
it is now time for the system to be revamped into separating the Tube from Developer. That's what needs to be done - very simple, the manufacturers know it, but they need to know YOU know it.


Because they do not work correctly except for on a small percentage of consumers and even on those, the results are dismal. Those of us that are Hair Stylists, have known that forever and we never say anything . . . why? Because its “job security”. Every single month of every single year we have a number of new clients sit in our chairs that call with the same story, “ I colored my hair at home with a kit and it is destroyed” can you please fix it???

How ridiculous is that? they paid $9.00 for the boxed color and $200.00 to get it fixed minimum ! How silly is that?

The huge multi-million dollar companies that run the hair industry…are just getting bigger and bigger and the true “care” for your hair is being lost. The big companies just don’t care. You know those DOVE “real Women campaigns where they show “bigger” women and their hair…..well DOVE still uses Sulfates in all their shampoos, the ingredient that has been proven over and over to cause hair loss, thinning, in women and men. Why? Because it costs pennies. Like I said they don’t care about hair….not really. They almost had even me tricked, then I read the bottle of their shampoo.

A big blow came to me this past month when I found out the one shampoo that I have had all my clients using for the past couple years…PUREOLOGY, was sold to L’Oreal. There just is no end in sight of this, its so sad to me. I will never buy PUREOLOGY again

The new recommendations are Milk Shake, LANZA or SUDZZ Shampoos... the staff put 12 of our shampoos through a month long test (incl. me) > I was looking for the shampoo with the best creamy lather which is what you get with the proper ingredients being used, results came back with those 3 being the Top 3.

Now as for the Boxed Hair color Kits I am so livid about…
there is just NO way possible that they can put the proper components in one box. Why?

Because when coloring hair -- any good colorist has to have at least the KILLER 15 questions answered first, before coming up with the proper formula. Without those questions answered, there is simply no way you can just throw in a box:1 tube of color and 1 specific 

and claim that it will work on ALL women that purchase it.
So it is a out and out LIE, false advertising and any other form of perjury you can think of.

How about this scenario . . . .

What if a Redhead ...
An African American ...

A Blonde ...

and a Brunette ...
All walk into the store . . . . to buy the hair color of Medium blond in a box....
Which one of those 4 poor unsuspecting consumers is going to have the proper outcome?

Do you think all 4? Hell no, 1............maybe.
 Logically I think most of you can figure that out, that, if they all start with a different hair color...that probably only one of 4 should have a good outcome.
Yes > Correct.
How in the world.....with one formula in that one little box . . . could all four of them have decent results?
it is
mathematically/ Scientifically/ chemically Impossible

 So 3 of those people will have hair disasters ..and go seeking help from the closest Salon. 
Well, guess what public (that's you) ?? 
The same people that make BOXED COLOR.........own the companies make professional hair color. So that means they have made you a huge customer of theirs by both ruining your hair, then fixing it ! Now, who feels like you have been suckered?

In that Kit box is:

  •  1 tube of color…………… 
  • 1  bottle of developer………………………
Yet . . . .
In my Color Room alone I have well over 150 Tubes of different Colors to choose from
Developer comes in 6-10 levels (3 Volume, 5 Volume, 6 volume,10 vol, 13Vol., 15 vol.,20 vol. 25 Volume,,30 vol.,40 volume and even 50 Volume)
So if you were to do the math (if I did math well I wouldn’t be doing this). . . How many options does that multiply to be ??

Zillions. most likely
The point being... that all those options are necessary in order for the hair color formula to work properly... you or anyone coloring their hair deserves the opportunity to have the proper hair color when the process is complete. Especially if you are selling a product that is supposed to color hair.
When you buy one of those kits, you are opening a box of Color "FAILURE"
You have about a 20% chance to succeed, and I do not find that to be fair to you at all !.

I’ve written about this subject previously, there are a few variables when planning to color your hair that must be taken into account in order to have the proper rich color without any damage. Those variables are NOT taken into account with those damn Hair Color Kits.

When determining the color formula you are going to apply to your hair > a simple fact like: having dry hair that is porous compared to oily hair that is not….can make a huge difference in the formulation. Just knowing that one fact can prevent hair breakage, and make the difference in having shiny hair when the color process is complete compared to having damaged – dull hair.

Do they ask you those questions when you buy a box of color?
Or print that anywhere to be found?
I understand now that people need to be able to color their hair at home, for many many reasons. Convenience I have found is even a big one. I never quite understood the concept before when I was in the Salon,
now I get it.

Would many of you consider baking a cake without a recipe?
Or making cookies without any knowledge of how to measure ....or knowing the difference between a Tablespoon and a teaspoon.
Same thing with Coloring your hair. 

Once you have the basics down, which you can learn by reading this, the Killerstrands Blog, hop over to the Killerstrands Store,  I will show here with links the items I feel you need to begin to learn how to color your own hair professionally:
First of all:
  • Join our Group, for a nominal fee monthly, you will get direct help from KC, as well as access to all the people who have come BEFORE you, a wealth of knowledge.
  • Purchase the Tools kit
  • GLEAM : KS Dry Hair Oil, apply prior to coloring, nightly treatment, truly conditions hair
  • Color Wheel
  • hair color (from KC in group)
  • Peroxide Wheel
  • INTENSIVE made by Killerstrands ( pH balancer & porosity equalizer, locks in color after rinsing out. 
 Now, remember I have different directions and instructions than you have ever seen regarding hair color and the processing of it. So open your mind and get ready to begin the path to becoming a Crib Colorist. This is how the celeb's have such beautiful hair....and its just not that hard for you to achieve it as well! ! ! 

You will have to do some reading and you may not quite understand a few of the theories but I am trying like Hell to turn Crib Coloring into a HOBBY on its own, like cooking has become. I feel like so many of you.... male and female, would love that to come true..

So send your friends to Killerstrands, let people know your secret, because the larger we grow the more products we will be able to come up with. 

The Group is kind of a slower procedure, if you want a fast Consultation we have that as well.

Thank you so much and remember The big hair companies are getting your  money twice!
13 comments on "Dye By The Seat Of Your Pants"
  1. To bring the ph back to normal do I use Wella after conditioner?

  2. Very interesting stuff and extremely well done.

  3. I dont mean to spam you or something..It is just that we should gather to chat about killerstrands tips and if you already have a account ... you might want to join this group and Dakota i hope that you join us :)

  4. Mrsm...
    Wow I'm sorry I think I missed your comment....I am SOOOOOOO sorry it was hidden in there.

    To bring the pH back to normal the easiest and healthiest way is to buy WELLA's In-Depth Conditioner ...which you can purchase at your local SALLY'S BEAUTY SUPPLY (of all places)! You get a large tub for $5.00 !! This can also be used for your daily conditioner if you need one. Apply for 10-15 minutes after Color application & shampoo.

    Remember, I am against a daily conditioner (its just a marketing ploy) if your hair is "tangled" after a shower, invest in a spray detangler ( which is basically a pH balancer as well! Get it now?)

    The only way you should condition your hair is to do it with a purpose. Do it at least once a week, shampoo then apply the deep conditioner (invest in the best one you can afford- I have one called DRENCH -that blows the others out of the water) and a plastic cap. Shoot the cap with hot hair from your blow dryer if available.
    Leave on a minimum of ONE HOUR.

    Killer Chemist

  5. Waterstiller:

    I did sign up on FACEBOOK ( a while ago)...but I never got any response from you...
    What should we do? Do you think I should devote a post to it... I would like to get the FACEBOOK group hoppin, how does that happen?

    killer chemist

  6. Mike,
    Thank you for your comment
    and your complement...
    You must be a I right?

    Its funny I never thought Stylists would read this, but I find many that do...
    That makes me feel good.
    I've always been a teacher...from my teaching blind kids skiing when I was teaching a group of neighbors how to make their own hair condtioner.
    I enjoy the process, although never thought I wanted to be a teacher.....
    funny how life goes!
    Killer chemist

  7. I went w/my sister to a professional beauty supply place, and Wella Koleston was only $5.78 per tube. I don't know how you got the $12 cost from. Can you explain?

    1. Professional beauty supply stores are usually not open to the.public. I have never been, but those prices are much lower than retail prices at salons like shampoos and conditioners and if prof hair color was avail to the public it would be much higher than that price. Pros need to be able to obtain products at a better price for their prof use. My old coworker was previously a stylist and said she kept her license just so she could shop there.

  8. I went w/my sister to a professional beauty supply place, and Wella Koleston was only $5.78 per tube. I don't know how you got the $12 cost from. Can you explain?

    1. i would imagine that is either 'counterfeit'.......or the "old" packaging. I will bet it is one or the other!

  9. I do think after reading this blog coloring my hair has become a hobby. Sometimes my hair is not enough so I have done my moms and my sisters. The lady that cuts my hair said I probably know more about color than she does...ha! I really hope not!

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  11. I have noticed over the years, that there are certain people in the world that have Cosmetology in their blood when they are born, and that sounds like you.They just have a knack for cutting hair without instructions and the only thing they struggle with ( and only a little bit) is formulating. I wasn't one of those field was the Stunt business...I fell into that lifestyle and constant danger like a fish to water. Cosmetology was a "forced" field for me. It wasn't easy and only because I had one of the top educators in the world was I lucky enough to catch onto the complicated word of hair color formulation.

    LIke you are to the hair field, I was to the Stuntwoman field. I won a Stunt Award which is our equivalent to an Academy Award, just before I left my ex-husband. and was one of the first women to accomplish that. I struggled with learning hair color formulation and hair cutting, but I can tell you right now you won't have those problems. What you will acquire is a whole family of people who want your services. So be sure to get the best education you can - that is the key to a successful career.
    I have seen all sorts of education in the hair field and its a shame even at that level no one really wants to share their at least you have what I call the "KNACK".....something I never had, so you will go far, little will go far.
    I am happy to give you any tips you please know that.


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