June 22, 2012

As Many Shades Of Hair Color That You Can Think Of. . .

 They are just beautiful works of art, no its not some thing I would ever wear even in my youth...but I appreciate beauty and as a Colorist it is beautiful. Completely.

 Here is the end photo (I;m guessing), but that is what this video is for and it also teaches you to do the fishtail braid, which was one of my specialties all those years ago. Now you get the advantages of see how they prepare for a photo shoot ( they 'tape' different color extensions in ) oh and notice how UN-glamorous the whole situation is ! But do enjoy

I love the Free People world and buy clothes there as much as I can... how I was lucky to happen on this I don't know . . . but here you go

June 21, 2012

Hair Color Is Becoming An Art Form & Is Completely & Utterly BEAUTIFUL (see below)

 I was going to write you this cold Post about the statistics in the hair industry because I feel it is all relevant....It started like this......... The Total U.S. Salon Hair Care market rose 3.5% to 61.3 BILLION dollars in 2011 - - EVEN in a recession the hair biz rose -- which I think is hilarious. The Congress and the country better wake the Fuck up . .  because Hair color is becoming an art form and no one will be able to stop it. I AM JUST SO HAPPY ABOUT that thought.... Check the following Photos out. . . and be sure to tune in tomorrow. . . . I have some of the youth's idea on hair color.....its all just 'the bomb' ...if you ask me..

This photo wins the KILLERSTRANDS AWARD 
for just the BEST EVERYTHING :
hair- photo- make-up- model- haircolor - just everything. 
.....maybe she did it herself ? 

Killer Chemist

June 19, 2012

50 Shades of Grey ... How to Get Silver Hair & More Importantly How to Keep It !

Nope its not about the book but what a great title for the post ...huh ?
OK maybe 10 Tips of (for)Grey Hair
We have many readers/customers from the UK, Australia & Canada - therefore in this post I have included both spellings of the word grey/gray - FYI

I've had quite a few of you ask for the 10 tips I have to help grey hair lately.
 Let me address that here so everyone can benefit from it.

There is nothing one can do to eliminate grey hair, so I do not want anyone to think that. If anyone promises that...quickly change the channel/page ! What grey hair is : hair that has no pigment 'within the individual strands of hair'  ......if you were to look at the hair through a microscope you would see it actually is colorless hair and it simply "appears gray" due to the color the other hairs that do have pigment. Grey hair takes years to switch all the way to solid Silver. ( we were taught to only call grey "silver" - a Sassoon trick).

Now I have had many people come to me over the years and ask for hair color that lasted 4-6 weeks on hair that is 80- 199% gray. They had never found anyone that could do that. That knowledge comes from knowing the proper way to color hair, that we teach on the Blog. If the proper 2-4 colors are used no matter who you are it will stick the whole time and then if you follow these 10 Rules, you should be able to make it to 5- 6 weeks . Which means that you only need to re-touch your color 7-8 times a year. That is not that often if you have grey - is it?

Lets start before you touch up your base every 6 weeks.

  1. Before you color your hair you want to be sure to use one of the Malibu2000 packs, I would suggest a packet of Color Prep. Cleaning the gunk off before you color helps the color 'stick'. Use this the day before or the day 'of' your re-touch. Using the Crystal Gel packet is probably the best one for this particular reason. We provide a plastic cap with every packet from us.
  2. But on the opposite end once you have your hair 'newly' touched-up, you then want to go for the opposite type and become "gentle" on the color. Using a for Color-only Shampoo - Sulfate-Free Shampoo - exclusively.
  3. Going out in the sun, you must use a sun-screen, there are spray sunscreens for the hair exclusively...the sun wrecks havoc on hair color and keeping the hair color on your hair, is the way to keep it covered.
  4. Gray hair, lacking pigment, lacks both the depth and the obnoxious DURP of pigmented hair. Think about that ....what needs to be done? You MUST replace what is missing from it, in order for it to look like the rest of your hair. Gray hair lacks depth and warmth . We make this silver color tinted shampoo that works KILLER ...its called BOOST and we're the only one that has SILVER colored shampoo which adds tone and shine to the hair. When you are in effect replacing the missing DURP {dominant-remaining-underlying-pigment}.  
  5.  Depending on the color of your hair, the biggest category of growth in the hair Biz is colored-tinted Shampoo's. We carry one that I personally mix its called BURST in SILVER BULLET !  The advantage to getting a ''Brown Burst" is, it will deposit little bits of color on your hair, every time you shampoo. So using this at 3-4 weeks after the Re-Touch, will help cover those pesky roots without having to deal with all those other silly gadgets out there!.  We have a great selection of colors. Shampoo the hair, leave the shampoo on the hair...for 3-4-5 - even up to 10 minutes while you do other things. Then rinse. These really work I learned to make them in Academy - 20 years ago ! So the concept has been around. We made them for actors in the first 18 years now people have figured out that actors have beautifully toned hair and they want it too!  
  6. I feel gray hair needs to have a fresh hair cut - at least > every 2 months. Having raggedy ends really makes the hair look frazzled and old. Always make the extra effort to keep those ends and the shape of your haircut fresh. 
  7. Redheads and Grey? Red Tint on over-porous hair looks browner, BUT- - red tint on grey hair looks brighter and needs to be fixed or even better - prevented. How? Red formulas for grey hair benefit from adding a Gold or a Neutral. I most often add Neutral which means any color from the "N" Series.
  8. Some of you look smashing with silver hair - like the lady above.  But that is not the norm, most of us age with the signs of grey. It always dulls the appearance and when it creeps into all of our body's hair we begin getting furious. Just as make-up improves almost anyone's appearance - so does covering the grey, think of it as the make-up for hair ! Don't you wish your make-up lasted as long as hair color? I sure do !
  9. Be careful of going too dark when choosing the color you begin coloring your grey hair with if you are a brunette.  A good rule of thumb is... to begin to go lighter and lighter and lighter the goal should be to get as close to the tonal factor of grey.
  10. What is the closest color to gray hair?? BLONDE ! ! So the closest you can get to Blonde the better (I'm talking as we age in the 50-60-70's)- you won't have to Re-touch as often ...  when the grey hair grows in after a couple weeks...you will have lots more time to goof around in without having to worry about having to Retouch the old haircolor ! 

  • Ash does not cover gray fully, and it may create off tones. Please Avoid.
  • Colors containing some warmth cover gray best such as  (LANZA) lanza is a great line for gray hair just join the group for a month I will help you with the formula the first time and then you can quit if you want. 
  • If you don't want total coverage, thats great too, use Demi /Translucent /or 10Volume Developer - with the above formula gives more of a "blended" look rather than a completely Covered one..
  • Maximum timing = maximum coverage. In this Blog I preach the advantages of processing the color in the more appropriate time - which is 1 hour - - not 20 minutes. They preach that for busy Colorists who have to sandwich in 25 people daily, but not letting the hair color process for the full amount of time.
  • Watch for up coming new products for you to solve Covering Gray for those who do not want to learn how to cover gray, but just want a kit I have prepackaged for you. 

June 11, 2012

Hair Conditioner Designed To Sleep In . . .

Killerstrands has this amazing conditioner that truly works miracles.
The reason it does? Think about this:
You know how you apply your Super-Repairing-Delux moisturizing cream to your face at night and sleep with it on your skin? So that it can use those 6-8 hours to work ???
Same theory.
A great wonderful-Deep conditioner needs to be on the hair for 6-8 hours.

I would honestly say that {approx.} 95% of the people who try Thrive.n (pronounced thrive...nnn) fall in love. If you have curly - damaged - frizzy - color damaged hair (as well as hair thinning) one night of this will knock your sox off. I wanted to announce and display Thrive.n's new look, the exterior of the product was due for a new label but I have never been able to come up with a better concoction than I have whats in there...so there just will never be a 'new' version . Not when this one is so damn successful.

Men, Women, Tweens, it is a tremendous hair conditioner that has produced thousands of successful hair make-overs for people.

 I'm not really great at blowing my own horn...I always thought that was an unattractive quality in a person. But for an Internet store - -  5 years after I began, if you don't blow your own horn and blow it LOUD and FAST, everyone else will blow right past you. Which is what is happening. So I am going to try some new methods of getting the word out there. I would be so pleased if I could get my message to more women and men - I fear for them - I truly honestly do.
 There is this new Super- campaign for a new product line, they tagged Heidi Klum to promote....called "CLEAR" Shampoo supposedly for the scalp. The shampoo has Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as the 2nd entry in its ingredient list. Sulfates are the main reason that scalp problems went from a very small 1 in 30 to now it is as high as 8 in 10 who have scalp issues. Do you know why? Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Sulfates gave them their scalp problems.

 Do you know that the # 1 shampoo we sell is Malibu 2000 Scalp Wellness? Of all the glorious shampoo entries we have the scalp wellness Shampoo and our Scalp Kits that truly work about as well as anything a Dermatologist kit can give you- sell like there is no tomorrow . . The trick to many peoples scalp problems? Use the Sulfate-free Shampoo and nothing is better than the Malibu 2000 Scalp Wellness Shampoo.
This is what is in what we call the SSSS : Simple Silly Scalp Solution ! HA HA I must have been slap-happy when I came up with that one !
Here are the contents of the SSSS Kit:
  • Shampoo brush 
  • Scalp wellness Shampoo
  • Scalp Wellness Treatment Packet  & the very best addition:
  • PURIFY-Kaaral's Scalp Scrub. Which sells faster than the shampoo !
the SSSS Kit, here's your link. . .


  these sell like crazy but we don't have a lot of chatter about scalp issues in the group I wish we did ! Talk it up I studied scalp issues for many months in Cosmetic Chemistry. I think people are shy about it but maybe if you knew the numbers you wouldn't be.

Try the kit it has thousands of successful heads floating around the country (and world) if scalp issues are yours. 

Also when you are finished apply Gleam while you sleep...that will solve a scalp issue almost immediately...

Killer Chemist

June 3, 2012

Top 10 Habits That Destroy Your Hair + the 10,000HEADS Protocol !

Just a reminder, as there are always people looking for a quick fix to beautiful hair. If you notice in life that "QUICK-FIXES" do not really ever work. If you want something serious . . . you must commit.  If you want beautiful shiny hair. . .. you CAN have it. There are things that many of you will have to change though.  This list above is a good place to start. I have had this same list for 20 years.  It used to hang right next to my station in the Salon. So with that history you can imagine all the results I have seen.

The health of the hair is the first indication that something could be wrong with you. Health-wise that is. For many reasons cleaning up your act will not only clean up your hair . . .your body and mind will Thank You as well. 

I challenge every. single. one of you to begin a new day, with new goals .....                       your hair is worth it

Here is the STEPS of the 10,000HEADS Healthy Hair List !   
Strive for All These Steps

I cannot stress the importance of 2 of our products.) Gleam & Thriven   http://killerstrands.myshopify.com/products/gleam-hair-oil . . they make more difference in a person's hair that is dry/damaged/ or thinning than ANYTHING you will ever try.   These 2 were finished when I was in Radiation Therapy . . .You just cannot believe the results, not only myself - buy many thousands of Killerstranders whom have tried as well...being diligent with daily application...is the main requirement. Please just give a few steps a try at a time. .