October 27, 2011

Top 10 Habits That Destroy Your Hair

These are very dynamic accusations to make (which I do realize), but from my clients whom many agreed to experiment with my guidance and whom all listened to the directions I gave them. We all ( at the time) decided we had nothing to lose by my theories about hair loss. Some tried cutting down on  whatever of the items, they felt (not I) were their target-problems. I gave them a list of 30 and the list was narrowed to the "Top 10" contributors toward unwanted hair loss ( of which there are various types). We did not go into that. 
think about them
--consider them ..If you are experiencing hair loss and you would like to turn it around, I promise you I have seen miracles slow the process down by eliminating which ever of these 10 points just happens to be something you use on a daily or frequently used pattern.

MY best suggestion is to purchase THRIVE'N & Gleam
 (which includes instructions and 'names' the SS: Secret Supplement, which also give directions to properly using for the health of new growth hair.)

Yes there are more radical methods, like transplants and Lazer Technology....but both of them are ridiculously over-priced. I know because I checked into them both - I thought of adding them to my services the year before I was diagnosed. But honestly after I thoroughly educated myself on all sides of hair thinning and loss..............
                      ..........I ( and YOU) should choose "Prevention" which is this list ABOVE

Happy Fall  to  all ............KC
1 comment on "Top 10 Habits That Destroy Your Hair"
  1. The only one of those I'm guilty of is #6 - stress - but that's because my hair is falling out! I have genetic hair loss, and have been trying to "cure" it for 10 years, but nothing has helped, which is super stressful.


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