October 24, 2011

Where For Art Thou...Gray EyeBROW!

Where For Art' Thou Gray Eyebrow ?
Brow Hair fades so light they fade into the skin ?

An eyebrow formula that you can do at home in a very short time and skip the costly, time consuming appointments. May sound weird to some of you, but personally I would be lost without this trick.

A couple weeks ago one of my long time clients had just come from an appointment she made with the who's who of eyebrow aficionado's here in the Land of the Lovelies.... $400.00 she charged her for a shaping and and a tint. Sometimes I feel like I missed a couple generations with the prices of how much things cost anymore.

Fast-Forward to Killerstrands....... we have solved this problem for you. . . .in a very convenient and laid out fashion. I cannot claim I was the FIRST originating this tricky little formula for tinting eyebrows . . . but I can claim tinting the eyebrows of thousands of women walking around has been one of the proudest additions to my services while doing hair.

For about 6 weeks we offered Tinting the 'brows' and "down-below" with the Facialist .... which I called "COLOR BOX" !! It got so much attention (16-17 years ago!) a magazine showed up and our door....we started doing leopard print, heart shaped and tint, Zebra....and on and on. I can't say it wasn't a lot of fun...but it started to steam roll and that just wasn't the business I wanted to be in.  

So we now offer the 2 different kits - the only thing you have to tell me when placing the order is: What Level is your hair. That is what I go by when choosing the color. So include that with your order - I personally will choose the colors for each individual order.

Many of you don't have gray hairs, but have super thin....or a hole in them - or there are a million and 1 reason for needing to tint eyebrows. What happens if you don't have brow-hair where the brows are...........you put the tint on the face and you know those little hairs on your face, the tint colors that so it gives the impression your brows are perfect. You purchase 2 tubes and it lasts forever!

Remember 'guys' this is for you two !



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