October 10, 2011

Only 1 Way to Color Thy Hair Correctly ??

The First and Most Important Factor, and Don’t Laugh . . .

Be truthful with yourself  (or to your hairstylist) & I said don’t laugh’ ! Answer these questions with the  God's Honest Truth !

Use the Killerstrands Blog as your guide, and be completely honest with yourself. If you can’t do that then you will not have successful hair color….so in my eyes - - why even try? As a professional Stylist the absolute most important part of the appointment? Is the Consultation. You know how so very many of you end up here because your Stylist ruined your hair and you want to take control of it back, to YOURSELF? 8 out of ten of those mishaps are because those people did not do a proper consultation.
You know in our Forum of over 3000 people I have asked what most people would like to see me do? You know, to jazz up the BLOG-Store & Forum. The top 3 answers were
  1. Videos – do Videos and/or come up w/ a U-Tube Killerstrands channel, I’m ordering all the bits and pieces for this….I don’t know about a channel…but am willing to try a few videos……
  2. FACEBOOK business page. ( I thought the Forum was enough but apparently not) so its being built as we speak…about 1 week and we should be ready with this one.
  3. TWITTER …….I don’t see this helping my MISSION to be perfectly honest. I find the most questions on all 3 sites is the same: “HOW TO FORMULATE your OWN COLOR FORMULA to get what you DESIRE…Right?????”

With that being the main issue I am not to sure how having me zipping through an 8- minute movie on certain topics will help ???? when I truly feel you need the most help with (the boring part) how to prepare the color to apply. Or in Colorist terms: Calculating the proper formula in which to apply to reach your DESIRED result.
Lets review a couple points that the V. SASSOON Academy reviewed over and over in order to make us all the best Colorists in the world. This is quite different than teaching a classroom of eager students….but many of you seem just as anxious to learn as well. This is the part that is truly the most useful….Don’t worry VIDEO’S are coming soon enough.
This is the very beginning of figuring out the color you are going to use, I know its boring and not as exciting as the hair and the foils, but I promise you once this “clicks” in your head then you will be able to be any color you DESIRE…..and still have HEALTHY -  - SHINY - - - HAIR
Here are the questions I want you to answer to yourself before you ever even purchase that tube of color from us (DON’T LIE):
  • The #1 QUESTION: is there previous hair color on your strands. I cannot tell you the amount of people that will sit in my chair and lie right to my face. Well-trained Colorists can tell if Color of any kind has been on hair ever. If it has been applied within a year prior to this application the formula would have to be different, altered somewhat
  • What is your desired look ?  ( cut out and paste a few photos of hair color that YOU like - - - see its ARTS & CRAFTS that’s not so bad !! )
  • If you are using color, you need to upgrade the shampoo & products you use, it may sound dumb to some of you but I promise you it isn’t ! SLS-FREE Shampoos & spray detanglers are the most gentle products and will keep the color  new & fresh looking.
  • If you have old haircolor on your strands, it must be removed.  Not with Bleach or Lighteners of any type, we only endorse VANISH. It reverses the manner in which the color went into the hair molecularly – therefore NO damage is done.
  • Do you want a temporary change or a permanent one?Do you wish a subtle change or more dramatic??? Read The online
  • High or Low Maintenance color? Some its advised that you Tone it  once a week every week……..some it just shampoos out gently…
  • Do you Swim? Use any type of Hot Tubs??? Chlorine is terrible for almost all haircolor  -- please take that into consideration as well.
  • Work Environment??? – Conservative or Liberal? ? ?  
  • Sun Exposure….where you live??? are you an “outdoor” person or “indoor”??
  • One of my tricks was to make a HairColor Portfolio…Giant Notebook that was created adding photo tear-outs from magazines that I adored….if you are on the path to becoming a great Crib Colorist, I would start one of these…they are fun to use if you change your hair colors with the “Seasons” as many people do. Include photos of your own haircolor for fun.
  • Check the percentage of gray
  • Hairs Texture?
  • Hair’s Porosity? In my opinion is a VERY VERY- Important Question, as it changes the processing time!
  • Do you take any medicines that your Dr. may have warned you about
  • Are you an allergic-type person??? If so run a PATCH Test ( apply on forearm – underneath – covered w/ bandage for 24 hours)
  • Has the hair EVER been treated with Metallic DYES or HENNA? ? ? If so, do NOT apply hair color or anything to your head until it is removed….Ask Adem (one of the managers in the store ask him his story with it…. Also - - that’s an IDEA for a POST.. you listening Adem? ? ? ?) !.
I do not believe in Coloring the hair when the hair is super dirty. That is a BIZARRE trick some goofball made up…….I mean “”chemistry-wise“ nor ‘’Beauty-wise’’ it makes no sense at all. The cuticle is open on the hair, why wouldn’t you want good things to enter the hair strand? ? ? ?
I believe in coloring : fresh – clean- dry - hair w/ 3-4-5 squirts of GLEAM on the hair (mostly on ends!) for at least…1 hour prior to applying the haircolor. NOW that’s the way to shiny healthy hair…..
Killer  Chemist
4 comments on "Only 1 Way to Color Thy Hair Correctly ??"
  1. Just want you to know how much this 70-year old enjoys your blog!!!

  2. You ROCK Helen...
    Am going to try answering 'Comments' again...so Thank You for being so sweet!

  3. SO... will Vanish remove Henna (100% pure, body-art quality, no metallics)?? Adem? I applied Henna plus a little Indigo twice- last winter and early spring- and am growing it out now. So tired of it and want to get to natural (dark blonde) with a few highlights as soon as I can without going green. Love this blog!

  4. Really informative blog - Thanks! Another Vanish question: Will it remove demi permanent color?


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