November 1, 2011



There is a term that for some reason brings the hairs on the back of mens heads up.....

That term is : VIRGIN

How we use that term : VIRGIN in the world of hair color and Hair generally is following:
The hair color you were born with > is termed "virgin" hair - within the walls of Hair color & the hair education world.

Becoming familiar with the "Natural Levels Color Chart" will help you in explaining to your stylist what you want and understanding your hair better if you are a home hair colorist
Become familiar with the chart
 will help now and in the future with determining
your hair color , while talking to me for a Consultation....and in determining the colors you will need to use to properly color your hair 
(or to fix your present color.)

Here is a simplified example of how a Colourist calculates
your formula to colour your hair: She is a VIRGIN Level 7 and would like to be lighter - lets say the goal is a Level 9
so....go up the chart - which is 2 levels.......
which peroxide lifts 2-3 Levels ?
30 Volume is the ANSWER !
The end formula will be to mix a tube of Level 10 + plus 30/40 volume peroxide (ash/neutral tone - your choice)
What level are you?
What level would you like to be?
how would you get there?

Now the biggest issue I find with most of my inquiries is...............???? The fact that very few of you have VIRGIN HAIR. And THAT issue presents a completely different problem. 
Color does not lift color. Remember that and PLEASE read my posts on that subject before attempting any sort of "guess" coloring project.

  1. I would like to start by thanking you for all the information provided by your blog, I get the feeling that you very much want to help people with their hair coloring and care.

    I'm in a bit of a pickle and I'm not sure what steps to take at this point. I joined the google group, answered the questions regarding my hair color, my desired color, etc., but I didn't know what my hair color level is or my DURP; I had never changed my hair color before. I've read the posts related to lifting and coloring over and over now, and I just don't know. I received different answers from group members saying I was either a 5 or a 6 without help about the sort of products to use, so I wasn't sure what I should buy. I was thinking a highlift ash blonde like wella highlift violet ash 12\61 12 VA, 40 volume developer, plus blonde genie, plus a violet toner to get to a level 8 blonde. But then, I was too afraid this wasn't the right combination. So, I didn't buy anything, and got kicked out of the group.

    After that, I decided from fear of messing up regrowth (overlapping) and orange hair to go to a salon, and asked for a lever 8 blonde, which they said they could do without a bleaching step in one step. They used a hair color that looked like a level 7, which they mixed with what looked like a lot of green (?) toner. So, my hair turned out a 7 or 6 with a lot of orange...which they said looked great. But, I just think it's too orange. They didn't tone after, maybe they mixed it in with the color...? They thought with my pale skin and freckles, the 'redish tone' looked good, but I just get the feeling it's just fake looking, and it's not as light as I requested.

    Should I do the shampoo train at this point?

    Naturally: Level 5 (?)

    Current color: orangish Level 7

    Desired color: level 8

    DURP: I'm going to say orange

    My hair is curly and some what dry.


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