September 22, 2010

2010 Fall Hair – Portion Control : Cuts, Colors & Craziness

Crown n Glory561 Receiving multiple HAIR magazines from Europe every month on the newest hair styles, I find it fun to look at what the 20 year olds in high fashion are wearing. No, it doesn’t fit me, most of my clients and NONE of my family or friends. . . yet still I find it necessary to staying on top of the hair world and many times will pick “pieces” of the visions to incorporate into someone's hair to update it.
From undercuts to fringes ( bangs) shaggy midi’s to super-sharp bobs check ‘em out and if you can’t take on the entire trend, take a portion of it. I call it “portion-control” in HAIR STYLE mode.Crown n Glory559
First we have the coloring technique we refer to as Drips. Tip Drips. Paint Drips. Hair Trends are repeated constantly and when they do this in England they bring the same look out 8-10, 14 months later - -  they simply change the name and use new photos to display it. In this months magazine “they” call it: DIRTY BLOND.  At the beginning of this technique some 8 years ago, I thought it was going to be a 1 season style never to be seen again, I was completely 100% wrong  -- on that one. Some of you will look at this look as though….”oh my Lord she needs her roots done….NOPE ….that IS the look. As I recently told a new client that was interested in the look . . . its not your own hair color growing in it is a darker more richer brown you actually “apply”  to made the  look “intentional” and not as if you just were too lazy to get your base done.
Crown n Glory539
Crown n Glory542
Crown n Glory540
Crown n Glory541 sassoon_picbeauty_5161_0_sl
The Groupie
Mix up textures… Straight Fringe, braided or crimped ends…
Crown n Glory543
…….Change short hair into a completely different vibe by using either pin curls ( yep we are back to those) or a small curling iron ( always using a protection spray spray )
Crown n Glory544
COLOR: In Reds………..Fall 2010: say goodbye to subtle Copper Europe tells us, crank it up a few notches to
Rockstar Red
Crown n Glory545
Remember with reds, if you want to keep it super vibrant to use  KillerStrands Product: GLIMMER……..we will match any hair color with a sister colored conditioner to keep it bright and vivacious..between Color touch-ups.
the Brits call this the Sweeping Shortie……me?
I call it the Fem Bieber ( Justin)  - - until I saw the Video Music Awards last week I thought the whole Justin Bieber thing was really screwy. He is talented and he caught my attention, I admire A N Y O N E with talent. . .in an facet of life. I know men are asking for the “Justin”… women will too!
Crown n Glory553
This is keeping the front layers of a crop longer, which allows you to sweep them over your eye. So much of this is the “cut”. Spend as much money as you can possibly afford to get a good hair cut – it is my recommendation to never cut corners in this area. Once you get a fantastic cut and someone who understands the geometry of cutting hair, you too will get it.Crown n Glory554 Crown n Glory555
Crown n Glory557 
Crown n Glory556
I am so sorry there is no access to “comments”  . . . recently BLOGGER changed their whole design and in the process I lost the ability to have “comments” to my Posts. Remember I am not a computer whiz………HAIR IS MY SPECIALTY!  If anyone would like to volunteer to help me fix this issue, please contact Betty, Nik or Adem in the group . . . .
Thank you soooooooo much for all of your support.
Killer Chemist

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