October 3, 2010

Are You “Up In The Air” About Which Color Formula to Use On Your Hair?

Think you have it all figured out, but want a professional to double check?
0002 Level8 Bronde
KILLERSTRANDS Store (www.Killerstrands.com) has a new kit for this exact situation. We have called it something very original … the “UP-IN-THE-AIR Kit” or UITA Kit well….maybe not.  Now, some of you may remember we tried this before, and it failed. No one does it on the Internet and I know why, its almost impossible. But, its much better than using boxed hair color which offers absolutely NO help… for the exact same process. I realize this is a big GIANT problem and probably too big for one person like little ole me . . . but I am taking it on anyway. With each attempt I learn something new….and who knows maybe this is the wrong approach as well . . . but at least I am trying.
On the previous attempt in trying to help people find their formula, I ran into 3 problems that needed to be conquered :
  • answers submitted were much too long and had no bearing on outcome
  • clients did not take time to learn “level System” ( mandatory - for this to work)
  • clients answers required an email exchange which did not suit the system
bombshell strands221
In order for me to offer this economical and quick . . . hair color help, there just has to be some rules. Otherwise I receive “novels’’ of individuals hair history that I simply do not have the ‘time’ to read  - - PLUS . . .are not relevant to what we are trying to figure out.
I realize everyone wants to tell me their personal history of how they got to where they are. . . but, that simply just does not matter in this case……….. none of that is important, it really isn’t. The only thing that is truly important, is the answers to the VID questions:
  1. V………. what “Level & Tone” your hair is VIRGIN (V- with nothing on it) ??
  2. I……….. what Level & Tone your hair IS (I) now  ??    and finally
  3. D………. what Level & Tone do you DESIRE your hair to be ??
With the UITA we do give you the advantage of answering the KILLER8, which does give those of you that have the misconception that MORE information is better a chance to add some additional knowledge about your hair.
wella KP 2010 chart138

Coming up with a person’s hair color formulation is an art, a very treasured and rare art. The most important part for this to work for you, is following the directions.
The remainder of the Killer 8 questions are as follows:
4. What is percentage of Gray?  ……………( example of a perfect answer: 40%)
5. What is your DURP? …………….(ex. of perfect answer: Brass) this is Dominant Underlying Remaining Pigment or that darn pigment that is hard to get rid of.
6. What is your texture?…………(ex. of perfect answer: fine/straight)
7. What is porosity & overall condition?…………(ex. of perfect answer: porous ends – damaged all over)
8. Length & Thickness ?……….(ex. of perfect answer: shoulder length + medium thickness)
The reason for this post is because we have already had some of our customers purchase the UITA and not answers the Killer8 correctly. I truly want to offer this service to many of you that need and want it, but if I am to do so . .  the only way it will work is if people follow the above example of how to answer the questions, exactly.
Please remember that the Up-In-Air-Kit’s longevity depends ON YOU, following the above directions. They are simple, but need you to take the time to read them and learn the Level System . . . which is so simple I taught it to a 12 yr.old last week.
Thank You and be sure to join our GOOGLE GROUP if you have not already, there is a lot of guidance in there about how things run here at Killerstrands . . . which can only benefit you.
Killer Chemist
7 comments on "Are You “Up In The Air” About Which Color Formula to Use On Your Hair?"
  1. I want to say my hair is a 7-8 depending on where you are looking, underneath is darker. But when I look at your photo on top it just looks so much prettier than my hair and I want to know if I can change my hair to that color without lightening it too much. It always turns incredibly brassy. I just don't see how it's possible sometimes.

  2. Love your style and blog!

    We would love for you to stop by ours!

    <3 Glossed&Found

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Maria,
    I am not very clear which picture you are referring to, also: a LOT more information is needed about your hair for anyone to (correctly)give you the proper advice, how to achieve your goal.
    The one suggestion I can give, if brass is your problem . . . the new line of color we are carrying ( which is from Spain - therefore the local problem with Hispanic hair would be orange - golds - brass - therefore I feel they have worked on those issues and focused on them) is extremely sufficient in conquering "brass undertones". I don't know what Level your are but the new line has many colors that would suit your issues - - I am fairly certain.

    Check it out, we keep the color swatch Charts Posted in the Group ONLY - as want to keep that wonderful line of hair color exclusive to GOOGLE GROUP members ONLY.
    here's the link:

    hope that helps

  5. Glossed and found,
    Checked it out, didn't see much on "hair", unless I missed it.
    Looks like you are in the beginning stages?
    be glad to do some "cross advertising" once you get up and running
    Please let me know


  6. Hi KC,

    Am reading from the very beginning & am learning so much (& whole new vocabulary)! :)

    Looked for the UITA kit on the store site but didn't find it? Would love a little advice with my natural level 7, cool hair that always DURPS to ugly orange. Afraid to try anything too drastic while also keen on blonder (9? cool) hair.

    Thanks for your generous contribution to the world of hair care/color!


  7. I am waiting for my google group membership approval. I have a similar dilema to Lara. Have spent so many hours reading through the blog archives. I'm testing Framesi ultra lift ash with a blonde booster, still too orange. I about a level 6 naturally (i'm guessing).



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