October 15, 2010

Sulfate-Free Shampoos – Pros, Cons + Scope

 0101 shampoo photos 113 People are Finally Paying Attention . . . . and to see a frequently running shampoo commercial on TV where the main TAG Line is : “Sulfate-Free Shampoo” (L’Oreal has Eva Longoria hawking a new one) – truly feels like a huge victory for me…my theory…and my work to get these damaging shampoo’s OFF the shelves for you. I have been hawking this theory of mine for 10-12 years (sorry, my memory sucks). 
16 years spent on over 10,000 heads of hair. . . that is my proof. I am 100% positive of this one theory. At the time of all my testing I would pick out random females in all age groups that I was concerned about ( in my regular clientele) that would get one of my “new” test shampoos. Unbeknownst to them, some had SLS-Free shampoo and some had SLS Shampoo. Remember now, this was 10 years ago, 98% of the companies used SLS in their shampoos. Why? It cost pennies and lathered up into super suds like nobody’s business. People like lots and lots of suds, I don’t know why but they do. 000123 SLSFREE poo theory Now, what would happen over the course of 3-4 months since I had seen them, would be the result of the test. EVERY SINGLE TIME – the shampoo with SLS in it  --  the client would complain of hair loss, hair thinning – & lots and lots of shedding. Plus, the clients with the SLS-Free Shampoo would not complain of it – AT ALL. Yep, it probably was not super scientific, but as far as I was concerned, the experiment gave me a 100% solid answer to the question that had me very upset and puzzled for over a year. . . .  I had a huge percentage of my female clientele { from 17—65] complaining of severe hair thinning/loss and I needed to find a common denominator. No one else was.
We did this randomly over the course of 1 year, all 6 { my assistants & I } of us were completely and undeniably convinced that we would never EVER use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in our shampoos ever again in our life – Period. So, the battle began, I would get nothing but rejection when contacting the product manufacturers - - it was very hard at the beginning. I was fighting the “Big Boys” – basically alone. So again, with L’Oreal busting out their new “sulfate-free shampoo line” all over the TV screen just gives me this underlying thrill, for all the years I have been fighting the ‘big boys’. Finally  - -  all my work and research, is now rewarded ( in a weird way – but hey – I’ll take it). 
At the beginning of my research into this problem, I had a hard time believing it. I just could not believe that all these companies would be using something that would cause this. Seemed pretty important to me. It wasn’t till 2 years later and my study of Cosmetic Chemistry that I fully understood the ramifications of the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate addition to shampoo’s. The actual purchase of the product ( SLS)  was all I needed to completely lock up my hypothesis.( I am not a scientist) But as I studied and learned I also injected my “common sense” to the picture. Don’t ever think that part of your brain is not important - - because it is.
Now with my adventure into taking Cosmetic Chemistry courses and befriending 2  well respected Cosmetic Chemists – a whole new world of enlightenment began. I wish there were honest – Cosmetic Chemists who would speak up to the public - -  but I understand - - they make their weekly paychecks by the big companies and are on contract with the large hair care product manufacturers. So truthfully – they would be out of a job, and no, I don’t think I would give up my job to point out this problem either. I prefer being realistic here. There is that silly website, BEAUTY BRAINS….everyone asks questions of a team of (supposed) Cosmetic Chemists – I’ve always thought – they are a group of “smart” internet geeks – and just “Google” every question. They have slammed me many times, which I find odd . . . claiming everything I sell is to make money and screw you. If you truly read my blog, and hear my voice - - - that accusation simply is not true….for the 1st year, I thought I would be dead very soon ( I have a a very rare and deadly bone disease).  The first year I simply wanted to - “give back”  to a whole lot of people I did not know – for NO REASON - - - so that if my life ended in a year {as I felt it was}. . . I would have a tiny legacy. I was the first one to tear down the walls that hair stylists put up, to keep their clients/public out of. Every single person knew what I was talking about in that aspect. I will fully admit that I did that myself . . . I kept my formula’s secret. I kept the way to cover gray hair locked up. My tricks to the perfect blond were never given out. My tricks in going blond to brown and then back again  - -  locked up in a private cabinet. As a Hair Stylist the only thing you have is the knowledge you have learned and the successes you have produced – so you and I must understand there is a perfectly valid reason for it.
What I discovered (from talking to so many of you across this great nation) was that most of you live in small towns sprinkled across the country and you have tried every Salon in your town. . .  with the results being horrific. So you are forced to do it yourself. Many using my own named “Crap-in-a-box” Kits {Hair Color Box Kits} . .. ending up again, with horrible results - - so you begin the trek through all the hair web sites on the web. I cannot tell you how many people every single week: write me with a comment very similar to : I AM SO GLAD I FOUND THIS WEBSITE, finally a place where you can get the truth about hair. It might not be things you want to hear  . . . but if you follow 10,000HEADS – a 14 step Regimen to thicker – stronger – healthier hair……..your hair WILL CHANGE……period. I am not worried at all if it might not work for someone . . . because the success rate is just absolutely – completely – phenomenal. Seriously !
So I wanted to share my joy with the general acceptance of the idea that all shampoos need to be Sulfate- FREE .  Do your part and no matter where you purchase your shampoo – ASK FOR SULFATE-FREE and let your preference be known. There is not a Salon Shampoo made now-a-days that isn’t Sulfate-Free {another Victory for my movement I feel }. They all have learned and we are talking hundreds of brands of shampoos.

Killer Chemist
4 comments on "Sulfate-Free Shampoos – Pros, Cons + Scope"

    I'm using a vegan one right now, that I bought because it was sulfate free. I have yet to figure out how to use it since it sometimes doesn't clean my hair, or make a lather, but it always smells good..I have to keep trying lol.

  2. When a company uses "vegan" shampoo, I really question them. Why? All shampoos are vegan, if you think about it. Why would there be any meat, fish or chicken parts in shampoo. I was a vegetarian for 14 years and a Vegan for 3...am I missing something? Unfortunately, I have always found cheap shampoos to have the problems you are explaining... HOPE THAT HELPS, KC

  3. I noticed that John Master's isn't on your list...are you still a fan of the line?

  4. i just wanted to add my story & reinforce KC's claims.
    a few years ago, i straightened my hair with the Brazilian Keratin treatment which requires that you use shampoo withOUT sodium chloride (the salt dissolves/will undo the treatment).
    This was years ago, i was naive, so, i scoured CVS/Harmons, etc for shampoos without Sodium chloride, and only found ONE shampoo... White Rain for $1.99 a bottle.
    I didn't think twice, and used the shampoo for a few months. it smelled WONDERFUL, i might add. Now, it always takes me a while to correlate things,,, but i noticed an incredible amount of 'shedding'. my desk at work at the time was white, and i remember when people would come over, i'd glance over at my desk and embarrassingly wipe the hair off my desk. it was SCARY. i had no idea what the hell was going on, i blamed the brazilian treatment.
    EVENTUALLY -about 3 months later ugh- i noticed that the shampoo was the culprit. (i'd lose less hair on the wknds when i was traveling and using different shampoo). I had never used such a cheap shampoo, which i can now assume had a higher concentration of SLS than normal shampoos.
    I still didn't know about SLS.. i stumbled across Killer Strands in Feb of this year, I haven't used SLS-containing shampoos since then and my hair shedding is like, null. No joke. I know it'll take at least another year before my hair grows back so that it is completely as full as it was before my White Rain failure.
    however, the root area is THICK THICK back to normal. it's unbelievable. I'm SO SAD that i went through all that, shedding hair like that is really scary, but i'm SO HAPPY i discovered Killer Strands and eliminated SLS.

    thanks KC


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