September 15, 2010

10,000HEADS (Healthy Hair Regimen) 10th Year Anniversary: Healthy Hair Never Goes Out of Style

Noting that it has been a little over the 16th year since I came up with the 10,000 Heads protocol, I felt the need to pay homage to its inception. The one and only reason the whole thing began? I just saw way too many young girls coming into the Salon with hair thinning/loss, I didn’t point it out to them, but I decided firmly I needed to try to figure out what it was.
The beginning. . . .
I made a turn off the path I was on working in a extremely busy Salon, with an overloaded book of clients, there was not enough of me to go around. The turn initially was not taken voluntarily ...I came down with a rare bone disease pushing me into a year worth of treatments, I wouldn't wish on anyone. In the course of that year, I too lost 1/2 of my hair. Which was an epiphany to me that I was supposed to be working on the hair loss issue, I became driven to solving the subject of women's hair loss ("womens hair loss" is entirely different, than men's).
There is plenty of research and clinical trials concentrating on the male world of hair loss, very little was being done to help women. I knew from my own clientele the problem was bad and getting worse. Think about it, men’s hair loss starts at the 2 temples (we call them bowling alleys) and on the very tip top of their head. Many times its a loved one who notices it first. As it progresses the hair loss of the alleys spreads till it meets up with the top of the head. They have this standard Norwood Chart {which really needs updating} depicting it :

0009 malebaldness
Women . . . I’m pretty sure most women would agree we don’t a have it quite so bad, because for us . . . its an all over loss, gradually. Mostly when it began -- it started a year or two before you noticed it. We are always losing hair  - - and that is completely normal ( a single hairs lifespan is 2-5 years on your head – it falls off and then it either does or does NOT replace itself ).  500 hairs per day is normal. . but when it turns to 700 then gradually to 900, you simply don’t notice it. I tell women this, so they don’t think it just started all of a sudden one day….it just doesn’t work that way. Many times you will notice the size of your pony tail being less thick than normal . . . and why? Because women lose hair gradually all over the entire head, instead of specific spots as the men do, which makes the way you tackle the problem completely different.Hair growth is also tied to hormones, and the 2 sexes have different hormones. When I began to dig into this problem the biggest difference I noticed, was how much research had been done in the area of men's hair loss and how little had been done on women’s. Just didn’t seem fair, although until lately no one was complaining of hair loss at a young age on the female side. Now it is out of control and someone needed an answer. I hated when people would sit in my chair with this complaint and I had nothing to offer them, people take their hair – very very seriously.
I had answers for my male clients ( Propecia, Rogaine & Cardio) and nothing for the females. Plus I was having more women with the complaint than men. I had to do something.
In order to properly figure this out I began my journey into Cosmetic Chemistry and Trichology. I spent the next 2 years, studying / apprenticing under a cosmetic chemist. That was the start of my goal in solving the problem of temporary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) in women. I wanted to unde57469337rstand what every single ingredient was, what its chemical make-up is and how it works on the body. The idea of chemistry frightened me in high school but when I realized that cosmetic chemistry was simply organic chemistry ... I was disappointed in myself for not taking it, a way back when. Better late than never.

10,000HEADS started with 3 steps then went to 20. Over time I added, refined, subtracted, altered and finally... perfected... the individual steps. With the final critical discovery: the protocol works its best {with the highest success rate} when it is worked synergistically. In other words; each step depends on another, in order for all to work to their potential. Skipping steps is not allowed by anyone committing to the protocol, the first 90 days. It depends where your results are at, that 90 day test period, as to what you can let up on and what you can't, so it is not a lifetime of commitment. There is an end!
Fully aware that everyone wants a 'quick-fix' pill to solve this problem, I'm here to tell you...that simply does not exist in today's world. All the hair loss kits and pills and lotions and potions that you see are out there PLAIN and simply: DO NOT WORK. If they did, they would be approved by the FDA ( Federal Drug Administration) and the news would be all over the papers, news and TV. They wouldn’t be on infomercials at 3 in the morning, because to be perfectly honest- its against the law to advertise false claims. I know this, my claims are not false. What my program is………is a 14 step program you must try for ONLY 90 days to have an 80-90% chance your hair will be wonderful. My own hair is thicker and longer than it ever has been in my entire lifetime.
I promise you, solving hair loss and obesity are 2 of the top researched areas in every Lab of both the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries. Solving hair loss is more important than solving cancer. Many cancer patients die, ending the need for their product, if they could get America a drug,cream or pill that solved hair loss they potentially would be a client for 50 years. Those industries are big business and any good business looks at the "bottom line" and profits.
I have absolutely no intention of badmouthing companies for their efforts to solve the female hair loss, that is not my goal here. The more people that work on it, the higher percentage rate we have in solving the problem. My concern is with the false advertising, its just not fair to the consumer . . they simply have not cured anything. I have heard the same from hundreds of clients, but more importantly I have tested all the weird products myself, in my own personal quest to improve my own hair. Hey, I am no different than anyone I want the quick fix pill as well.Can you imagine the day ( and it will come) when …….by taking 1 pill a day we would all have Jennifer Anniston hair, or even better….for life? How much would you pay for that?  

There are hundreds of companies that exist on a one time sale of a product to a other words - no repeat business. Which is what all these hair loss products out there EXIST on {just you trying it once to see if by a chance in Hell that it worked}. I experienced this at a Salon I worked in, the owners daughter was the single worst hair stylist I had ever seen touch a head of hair. She would burn hair, send clients out crying, colour hair gold when it was supposed to be red. It just blew me away, could not figure out how she existed there…. she had been working there for 3 years prior to me coming and still works there today.Why?
Why, is what I asked over and over and over.  It took me a full year to figure out.
She did only "one-time clients" they never came back for repeat business, it was in Malibu and we had a LOT of tourist walk-in traffic…people wanted to say they got their hair “cut/colored in Malibu”….I had to move chairs it used to upset me so much. It was just a terrible representation of southern California hair or hair stylists in general . The following appointment was either with someone else or they never stepped in the Salon again, they ran for the hills!
Same theory for hair loss products on the market. These companies survive on the millions of 'one time buyers' out there. The 10,000HEADS Protocol is your answer when everything else fails. It works, and no, it’s not easy, it takes commitment & work… BUT it has a 81-89% success rate (on androgenetic alopecia or temporary hair loss – there are many different types – this is the most common). That is a fairly high number, to most.
I’ve settled into 14 steps to the 10,000HEADS HAIR LOSS Protocol for Females, now…You start from Step 14 as the most important and go up….nothing will improve if you don’t do Step 14,13,12 and 11. Those are mandatory, then as you add the others . .better the results  . . . get. I dare you.
10,000 heads - 14 STEPS - 02 -- 12-09

To me . . . if you want thick gorgeous hair and other methods have not worked, 10,000 HEADS WILL WORK, but, you must commit to at least 6 Steps : half the program.. But that’s me and its why we are all different. 
As I said,Step 14 thru 11 are mandatory.
But I want the best for you, so I really hope and pray you will go for as many steps as you possibly can.
Killer Chemist
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