January 30, 2010

Super Simple Scalp Solutions (on Saturday!)

Ignored Yet Important

Not an exciting subject I will give you that, BUT . . . a super common one. We need a healthy scalp for ‘looks’ for healthy ‘hair growth’ +  and for hair ‘shine’.
Yes, there are complicated Scalp conditions that require a dermatologist, by no means are any of my recommendations or suggestions on all of Killer Strands a replacement for medical help and advice. As I have told clients for years that are leery of having their hair colored for ‘health’ & ‘safety’ reasons, if hair color was dangerous to the human body at all . . . I can guarantee you we would be physicians /medical doctors…. not Cosmetologists. In every country on planet earth hair color is considered just that - - HAIR COLOR - - a decoration and Fashion accessory – but that’s it. Please take my advice that way … if you have any type of long-lasting abnormality on your scalp or radical hair loss of any nature get yourself to a qualified Dermatologist. That is NOT what we are talking about here, remember  - - boys & girls : common sense – common sense.71990288
  I have been known to clear up many scalp conditions that were just minor issues which is what I am speaking about here today. Many speak of seborrhea dermatitis  and psoriasis . . . and do their own self diagnosis…which I fully understand. Money, Time…everything it takes to go the medical route… . alongside the all too frequent…” hmmm, dermatitis – looks like dermatitis” … which basically means it idiopathic. They don’t know what caused it nor what it is .
That is when people would show up in my chair, to see if my Scalp regimen might help. Lots of girlfriends and wives sent their boys ( husbands - boyfriends) to me, it was set-up in such a way the men didn’t really know what was going on. Men, ya gotta love em, they are very E A S Y  - - SUPER  simple creatures. The spouses didn’t know how to bring it up, and didn’t want to make a doctor appointment or a scene – they just wanted to see if it wasn’t something easier. About 60-70% of the time it was my little SSS Simple Scalp Solution that cured the whole enchilada. It was – a  2 hour treatment focused on the scalp, with no guarantees basically. Skin and hair are a funny thing and they just don’t know that much about it, although right now, it is 2 areas the pharmaceutical companies have most of their Research focused on. With 70 million women suffering from hair thinning & loss…well it would be nice to think they are focused on that to  “ do-- the–right--thing & HELP”….although - I doubt any of us would believe that……… I’m pretty sure its the CA$H.
Coming up soon is my over simplified version of how a strand of hair on your head grows….I love the lesson and I always felt light-bulbs going on everywhere – when I taught it.  Maybe I should have started with that….but the “scalp” issue hit me in a dream last night, I get inspirations while asleep – its the weirdest thing—always have. The ANAGEN phase ( of 3 phases) is the growth phase and is the longest phase;90% of scalp hair is growing in the ANAGEN phase at any one time which lasts from 2-5 years (can last as long as 10 years). Just as the skin on other parts of the body is continually being shed and replaced, the skin on the scalp is in a constant state of renewal, with skin cells in the outer layers flaking off being replaced by new cells from below. Ordinarily these scales loosen & fall off freely…the natural shedding of the scalps dead scales should NOT be mistaken for dandruff. Nope, this post is NOT on dandruff, a completely different subject. The subject of “Scalps” will be an ongoing Topic with various sub-topics: such as dandruff, psoriasis, etc..right alongside.
Which brings us to what I feel is the problem with over 50% of people with “scalp issues” whose butts sit in my chairs and possibly read my words. We’ll have to see. The way you discover this is by having a BIRDS-EYE-VIEW of your head……..which is what you have of a person’s hair when they sit in your Salon chair. I would say in one day of 12-15 clients (hypothetically of course, if all ‘new’ clients) 1 or 2 of them would have it, that’s a lot.  Having discovered this one way back in Academy, I thought it stemmed from homeless drunks / drug addicts with poor personal hygiene. Which is not AT ALL the case, you probably have family members, friends, bosses with it, I have some Physician friends and they have had it --- no one is excluded and no one is ‘above’ it. We will coin it theSSS”  the (Silly) Simple Scalp Solution for purposes of this Post & for those of you who think you could be a victim – we used to call it Camo-Land meaning camouflage Land where ‘ sneaky things were lurking ;-)  ‘. There are many terms Stylists sling around so you don’t know what we are referring to, stupid – I know – there are times you don’t want to know.
This boils down to a round spot …an accidental scalp problem, occurs totally by accident, having nothing to do with illness, poor health, and especially not the cleanliness factor. Yep, its accidental and super easily curable. There is a spot on the top of the head, about the size of a Grapefruit to about a lemon… that is just above where your arms reach, without extra effort, I figured out. People are lazy  - - especially my one daughter that has this. SHE is the reason I figured this out, thank the Lord she doesn’t read this.  This may not include any of the devout KS disciples. Most of you sound like you must have sparkling-clean-healthy-hair & scalp .. .. but its worth a check…. I’m telling you its just an accident, an innocent accident.
I hope all of you will get to your bathrooms & check the top of your heads with a hand-held mirror using a diptych {type} mirror as you see here               01010 mirror    look for the spot or have your “trusted” partner do it for you.    Its on the very highest point of your head and then about in a 2 – 3 - 4 inch circle around…way up at that tip top spot at its center, as you see below  
0101SSS 2graphic 0101SSS 3graphic
0101SSS graphic See that tippy-top-spot? That is where you develop Poo-Head  - which develops from either a lack of shampoo OR too MUCH shampoo that builds-up from missing that spot and shampooing up till you reach it. It happens SOOOOO MUCH, it needs a classification in Dermatology books. I have one daughter with it, and 1/4 of my clients have it. You know I will say some of the people with it is on people with a propensity towards dandruff ... so definitely check if that’s you.
You see when a person goes to shampoo most people are in a hurry, its in the morning - - late for work , late for a date – late for something….so people zip through the shower a hundred miles an hour. They don’t think about the whole head when they shampoo, they MISS the top of the head, being in a hurry , arms hurt, or the most common – just didn’t realize they were missing that top circle….THAT is how this occurs, ESPECIALLY with men, work-a-holics, you get the picture, people who don’t ‘think’ about their shampoo. A lot of people could give 2 cents… Like I said Simple Silly Scalp Solution.  Get it now ?001 poo head4 HEAD template - Avery 5
Most common? People simply don’t realize they are missing that spot…I will ask them to show me how they shampoo. . . almost always they will just rub the sides and back of their head….not the top.  See the girl above, its a ‘close’ rendering of what I’m referring to…she has her eyes closed is thinking about work, kids, her date - - - everything BUT the shampoo… see her arms this is an exaggerated version – but also its pretty right-on as well. She is just missing that top round spot on her head. Once I fixed this on my daughter, I then took it to the Salon ( years ago) and it began to work and work and work. Again
Silly – Simple – Scalp – Solution ! ! ! ! !
So, I would then load them up with Scalp Wellness, if it was bad one of the packets and the most important part . . . a little silly thing called a shampoo brush. Yep we have kits with the whole shebang in the store PLUS 4 water strips to check your water (getting a shower filter also helps this, so check your water….in 4 different rooms !).
IMG_1151 IMG_1160
People started using the shampoo brush to scrub that part of their scalp  . .  by having the brush in the shower…it reminded them to concentrate on that spot. Using it brought back all sorts of funny stories…that usually sounded like, “ OMG my head bled, I don’t think I had ever touched my head there. . . .SINCE I WAS BORN ! !  Funny – funny answers.
I loved hearing how successful it was, I mean I was at the highest end Salon in Malibu, California - - - would you really expect THAT from a whole lot of clientele there? You would think people wash their hair FOR them…and never miss a spot. If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere boys and girls. It is just a silly little accident, never meant to be intentional by anyone.
Get your mirrors out . . . . give the SSS a chance
I’ve put together a SSS KIT . . .so you can get it all in one spotIMG_1180
This month only ( February 2010 ) Shampoo scrub brush is complimentary as is the Water Test Kit, which has enough strips to test 4 faucts!!!  HAPPY VALETINES DAY  ! ! !  . . .  BUY IT for the man in your life….it will end up benefitting YOU!
Killer Chemist
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  1. Hi Killer Chemist!! I just found your site and Im so pleased because Im not sure what to even do with my hair. Im 25, a natural redhead, Ive never dyed my hair but I notice the red looks not as deep lately, I was thinking about getting one of those RED conditioners you use to maintain color just to get a boost but now I really want a Sulfate-Free shampoo. Long story short could you please reccomend something thats sulfate-free and will boost my natural red? Thank you so much!!

  2. Hello, I am a former hairdresser and have used sulfate free shampoo's for years. I have had an autoimmune disorder for about 6 yrs now and in the past month developed seborrhea. This was diagnosed by my doctor and since I am already on autoimmune meds she prescribed a foam for my scalp. I am concerned that this will damage my hair not to mention that I am having to get a pre-approval to have it filled from my ins. co. So I am in search of a shampoo or product that is colored hair friendly. I will try the Malibu, but if you have any other suggestions, please let me know!


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