January 11, 2010

Big LOVE<>Big HAIR, 2010 Smokin’ Hair Styles

4 Lengths – How Lucky Can One Gal Be

The premiere of Big Love always puts me in a fun festive mood, have no idea why, its amazing what a great TV show can do to your spirit. For a very different Post from ‘moi’ I chose to simply pick out 4 great hair styles for 2010, I hope you enjoy and get inspired.
Instead of choosing 1 hot new look for the season, I’ve always followed the Brits, who choose the next “hip” styles by each length of hair – so there are always 3 or 4 and they chose these to show with each seasonal collection of clothes. Recently they showed the clothing collection for Summer 2010, with that comes this collection of hair styles.
Here in the USA, they go from super short hair style ( like the hard core crop ) one year to super long the next and back again. I don’t know about you, but most of my clients can’t just easily grow their hair to extreme lengths on a whim. So it puts the styles they are promoting out-of-reach and does nothing but frustrate women. They do this – on purpose – to boost biz, which I understand but going from super short to super long and back again is not an easy road. I’m all for bringing in new colors/new styles and inspiring the public, but lets be reasonable about it. Those long to short and long again (that only happens here in the US) encourages extension use, something I am SUPER opposed to. 80472214
Therefore lets start the Euro trend of picking the NEW “styles” for the 3 lengths of hair. Its a wonderful theory and an excellent compromise, that will still satisfy both sides – the public, the Stylists AND the manufacturers.
For 2010 I have picked out 4 looks I think are trend setting. Remember though, the public usually runs about 1 year behind what the shows and magazines depict. I’m not sure why, although I have always thought its because people are mostly afraid of “change”. I really respect people who change their hair up a lot, takes a lot of guts – a lot of inner confidence - - and a lot of cash ! ha ha
First is : Big Waves
Lets begin with the one style everyone wants, but few get….the long –long-long hair with scrumptious waves look : Big Waves. Remember though – NO extensions. They pull your hair out at the root. When that happens many times parts of those hairs will not grow back, I have seen so much balding as a result of extensions.
badasshair186 badasshair193
bombshell mops173 bombshell mops176 Now, this hair should be long with minimal layering. The hot color this year has numerous names depending on who you ask, I call it BLONETTE, some call it BRONDE, there are all sorts of funny names….you get the idea – a Level 7NBG is how I would best describe it.. Most important for this hair type? EXCELLENT condition. Also –> naturally wavy hair has an advantage, otherwise be ready with a Curling Iron or even better Velcro Rollers – using a spray serum to cover the hair before the iron.
The Bob is hard to get people to go for, and am not too sure ‘why’. It never goes off the style radar for long – this season both with and without a fringe (bangs), although the shape is sharper than ever. Its a great look for thinning hair…really gives the illusion of thicker and healthier hair than you may have.
badasshair105 bombshell mops142
bombshell mops172bombshell mops171 bombshell mops170
The cut needs a strong, sharp shape with no layers and should be worn sleek and straight to enhance the lines. Some think thick hair suits this style….I happen to disagree. This can be the loveliest style for thin hair. Suits many face shapes, I wish more would try this.
bombshell mops141
Sides should be kept short, tight and tailored, but keeping the length longer on top for versatility and to give you lots of styling options.
Another hard style to get people to try, but when they do most fall head over heels. Great for thin – thick or medium hair . . . adding an interesting color is truly the cherry on top. Color “Flashes” are super thin little slivers of color. Whether it be slivers of red-violet on Level 1 hair…. or tiny bits of silver on platinum….try it. Its so very very easy to do to oneself. For the first time you have a store to purchase anything you need, here is the coolest silver I have ever used ( although it is permanent – so be very VERY sure you want the color!): http://killerstrands.myshopify.com/products/pravana-chromasilk-vivids-semi-permanent-crazy-color
Last but not least: the SURFER SHAG
Disheveled texture is a favorite of mine and many of the ‘surfer chicks’ sport… we lovingly refer to them as. Those that don’t see fit for a chic look seem to adore the sexy surfer shag.
badasshair109 bombshell mops168 badasshair106 bombshell mops152 The style must-haves: should be loaded with short choppy layers to take the weight out of the cut, enhance the texture and natural wave. This is a great for growing out another cut, it can turn a ‘nothing cut into a something with guts and style cred. For me it is difficult to describe ‘cuts’ to the non-pro. . . its an art and geometry is involved. Which is one reason I ALWAYS ask people to use photos when they want a cut or are talking about a cut . If I used the proper words I discovered no one in the public knew what I was talking about, that is how intricate Sassoon autopsies a haircut .
This Surfer Shag is named after the culture, its meant to look rough and as though you just stepped out of the water. This is my fav for the year. Open your heart - - open your mind, become brave and give a new cut a try one of these is for you.
I have forgotten the days when I didn’t know how to do hair. So that is a super valid trick for you . . .ALWAYS use photos to show your Stylist the cut you want…the discrepancies in the meaning of “descriptive words” can give you LAYERS…when what you wanted was “TAPERING”. Words can give you the wrong cut….I can’t tell you how many times I have seen that one mistake. How many of you think that when your hair is cut like this ………badasshair181
……see how her hair ‘frames’ her face . . . its cut in a manner to wrap around the facial features. I think 90% of people call that “Layers”…..well, its not. . . . its called “Tapering”.
I still feel that spending as much as you can afford on a good cut every 2 months ( so only 5-6 times a year ) is a great investment, all 4 of these takes a Stylist who understands the “basic's” of haircutting, try your hardest to find a Sassoon grad. We are trained and honed in artistic geometric hair cuts like no one else on the planet. Sassoon and the couple that bought it from him were the Worlds Master Cutters.
. Open your heart - - open your mind, become brave and give a new cut a try……… one of these cuts ‘could’ change your life. I cannot tell you how many times a new cut/color has completely changed a person’s life ! !
thank you,
Killer Chemist
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  1. I really enjoyed this post. So, when you talk about BLONETTE/BRONDE color as in level 7 NBG are you referring to Wella level 7 or American level 7?

  2. I'm not KC, but I'm pretty sure she's referring to the American level. I notice that when someone is talking about Wella, they'd say 7/73 (or whatever NGB would be) and then Rencolor would be 7NBG.


  3. Thanks for getting away from color a little......I love the cut that is the second pic of the shags. It's a shaggy bob. But how is that cut? I couldn't wear it in my eyes like that. That's the thing with hair mags and pics. You can't really tell how it will lay and where the layers are because they always style it so cool.
    Do you have a similar pic that would show the cut better?

    Thanks. Great Blog!

  4. A,
    In my opinion there should be 20 LEVELS. 10 is just way too few...I meant an American level 7.

    Any good hair cutter will be able to cut that look from looking at it. If they can't I wouldn't sit in their chair.
    I'm sorry I don't have time to look for another photo for you.


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