January 14, 2010

Damaged Hair Seeks Warmth & Moisture

Handiest little tool in the West, mandatory for :

  • Hair Color Removal
  • Conditioners
  • GLEAM an/or Oils
  • Color Correction tricks
Heat opens the cuticle of the hair  which helps the product work better/faster/easier

We have brought in a wonderful....tricky.... new...product in the Killer Strands Store by one of your own...a Killer Strander who absolutely RAVES about the results she gets with one and Thriven .  Its the way "around" using the Professional Dryer chairs we have in the Salon. 

 Using "HEAT" with any conditioner, Semi-Permanent Hair Color or Oil will make it work 3X - 4X- even 10X better than  'without' heat. The heat opens the cuticle which allows the conditioner or Oil or Color Remover to work too its optimum ! another one has since brought me a similar story used with GLEAM. So whichever product you use it with, the results are extraordinary. 12345556Kind of mad at myself for not thinking of it on my own . But my brain is so jam-crammed with things I need to do its no wonder I can remember my name.  

NO matter it’s here and its quite clear that this is a true gem. I’m pleased with the quality and all the features the 2 brands we carry have, including 3 different temperatures, so am very happy

  In the Salon we used heat lamps & hood dryers...so yes heat in this manner ONLY is good for getting your strands Deep Conditioned. Heat works to open the cuticle of the hair {the cuticle looks like fish scales-it lays flat and prevents most liquids from going inside the hair. But with heat it swells the scales so the conditioner can get inside the hair strand - -  exactly where it can do the most good.
In addition to THRIVEN conditioning treatments, use the heated cap for:
  - Hot Oil Treatments w/ Gleam - watch ingredient lists, wouldn't recommend
    Heat treatments w/ Silicone + Oils {won't be pretty}
  - MALIBU2000 Treament Packs (makes them work 2X as well) which means for Psoriasis and Dandruff patches, apply treatment plus heat cap
  - VANISH Hair Color Removal Treatment
  - Demi & Semi Permanent Color remains vivid longer. {apply hair color, plastic treatment cap, heat for normal processing time - presto!} .016276
I know it looks just horrifically goofy . . . but hey, if works who cares! ! ! !
Plenty of uses for it. More than enough to pay for itself. .many times over.

I would suggest for many of you requiring the VANISH COLOR REMOVER treatments, to purchase a heat treatment cap for the VANISH Treatments, which can be followed by Gleam (Hot Oil) Treatments, Color Touch Color ( if so desired ),and ultimately - - - Thriven. As long as you wear the washable treatment cap ( Giraffe or Zebra print which KS adds as free extra!)

I'm so happy, to finally find this and to bring it to you in my never-ending 'SEARCH' for unique, reasonably priced, top quality Professional Hair Products. YAHOOEY
Pictures of the Treatment Cap were sooooooo Unattractive that I had to insert some Killer Photos that don’t relate much to the post, but are beautiful  to look at!
Quiet, automatic-controlled unit heats deeply without overheating. It conditions and treats hair that has been dried out by over-processing and other damage. Used, along with THRIVEN and/or GLEAM, it helps relieve dry, itchy scalp. Keeps hair both soft and manageable. By opening up the cuticles of the hair, it allows moisturizing treatments to penetrate to the layers of the hair where they can do their work. 
* Even-heat therapeutic treatments w/ 3 different heat settings
* Better than bubble dryers -- won't dry out skin
*Contoured to fit the round shape of the head 
* Automatic thermostat controlled unit prevents overheating
* Unique design provides evenly-heated treatments, Hi, Medium and Low settings give you control gh-5010
I have a limited amount with this first shipment so get yours now.
1 Professional Conditioning Heating Cap
Killer Chemist
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