June 30, 2008

The 10 Habits that will Destroy Your Hair - Yes, AGAIN !

You Want Hair Like This ? ? ?

Then You Must NOT practice any of these habits...they are all proven hair destroyers!

              Any Questions ? ? ? ?

killer chemist
11 comments on "The 10 Habits that will Destroy Your Hair - Yes, AGAIN !"
  1. Awesome hair pic. Love the waves!! Hope you're feeling better KC.

  2. Yes, Mom :)

  3. Thank you for this fantastic blog! I've spent, seriously, hours poring though this amazing information. The photo tutorials are such a great idea! Today I threw out my box color kits (I had four opened up, ravaged for my own experiments). I've bought Wella Color Charm and developer, preparing to do my first out-of-the-box coloring as soon as I can exorcise the box color from my hair.

    I do have a question--if you have time. I'm a natural level six, and I've used level 7 to 8 box color (Clairol Perfect 10 and Herbal Essences) in the past. Will doing the Shampoo Train be enough to pull the old dyes off my lightened hair?

    Thank you again for sharing your experience and education with us, in these wonderful articles.

  4. Katie,
    Thank you--one of my favorite pics, in a hair pic storage that would beat just about anyones I bet.

  5. Betty BB:
    Thank you once again for such an awesome donation and your great contributions to the Group. Greatly appreciated. We love you.
    Mom ;-)

  6. Jane,
    Oh you cannot believe my disappointment, I wrote you this very long drawn out and entertaining answer to your comment and BLOGGER lost it.

    I don't have it in me to re-write it at the moment, although I will say I am very thankful for your comment.

    Yes - YES - Yes, Please begin the shampoo Train and now. I cannot wait for you to discover the difference in your hair color once you make the switch, I have dozens of happy readers who have done what you are doing - so keep it up. You will be astonished.

    There are 2 radical difference's
    in determining hair....that I don't cover enough but I will. If you are going "LIGHTER" than your Virgin Level as your GOAL Color.
    If you are going DARKER than your Virgin Color.
    Those factors are huge, especially in de-colorization. Which is what you are trying to do.

    In your case you are going LIGHTER, so the Shampoo Train works even better and you will not need the VANISH Treatment.

    >> That is primarily for the tinted Darker GOING Lighter, members.

    I would suggest that you join our GOOGLE GROUP/Killerstrands to get some additional help for your new beginnings in hair color - hair health and the whole hair banana we are attempting to teach here.


    My Managers have gathered a small
    section together with bits & pieces from the Blog that help you get a start on hair color "AWAY FROM THE BOX"...

    Plus you can ask questions, post pictures and purchase professional hair color, once you get situated- if desired. The difference is incredibly AWESOME.

    Hop on that Shampoo Train and remember the key to it is leaving the shampoo on the colored part as long as you can deal with it...that is what rustles up the color molecules and loosens them - using a very lousy cheap clarifying shampoo. YOur goal is to rid the hair of the color just this once, after that you won't be using this cr_p on your hair again. Once won't be too bad - besides it is the most gentle method of getting rid of it (besides VANISH - VANISH is still the BEST & most gentle on the hair)

    Hope all of this helps and we see you elsewhere
    Again, thank you

  7. PRELL Shampoo. I cannot speak too highly of its ability to SUCK the color out of your hair with amazing power.
    AND it rinses out very well so you don't get foul buildup. And it's cheap.

  8. Hey KC

    I picked up ION shampoo for swimmers to shampoo train...its SLS free but is supposed to remove chlorine/minerals. Do you think that's a good one to shampoo train with or should I find a cheaper harsher one like Prell?

  9. Anything with the word ION, makes me know its made by Sallys, so it gives me the SHIVERS . . .I like Betty's recomendation of PRELL, sounds perfect . . I'd go for that.


  10. I have heard Prell is great for getting color out of hair. I'm assuming it has SLS in it. For an SLS free one I'm using Avalon's Clarifying shampoo. It sounds kind of like the Malibu Ungoo (undo?) shampoo in that it uses citric acids to clarify. So far it has been working pretty well.

  11. Katie,
    For the short time you use the shampoo train, its OK to SLS in the shampoo...doing the shampoo train is supposed to be a lesson in what "not" to do. You don't want to be using the shampoo train as part of your monthly upkeep. Remember the Train was developed for hair models that would change the color of their hair frequently FOR CASH. They need their hair to stay on their head

    The goal here is to attempt to teach you how to prevent disasters in the future. Not "rely" on the Shampoo Train to come back to....so using SLS in the Train is more than OK.

    hope that helps


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