June 7, 2008

Parting:Sectioning:Tools - Prepare to Color Yo Hair - Part #2

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June 7, 2008
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Applying hair color to roots, 1 quadrant at a time
4 comments on "Parting:Sectioning:Tools - Prepare to Color Yo Hair - Part #2"
  1. HOw much time should it take to apply color? Do you subtract the time it takes to apply the color from the total processing time? Or do you set the timer for the full processing time? For example, if the processing time is 60 min. and the application time was 20 minutes do you set the timer for 40 min. or 60 min?


    MRS M

  2. Mrs. M,
    I think I need to tear this apart even more for you all. So many are really wanting to do this right. I'm thrilled.
    When they develop hair color, they put a 10 minute delay on the action of it, to make-up for application times. Remember it is made for the pro's.

    On your direct question? There isn't one answer ....but I'll try.
    Going darker....set it at 40 minutes.
    Going lighter, I would set it at 60 minutes, all hair needs the full time. Remember on going lighter you should be ENDING in the back at the bottom. You do the front 2 sections first.

    So many times when I am using multiple colors and the timing is critical, I will put the color in the bowl and the developer measured, right OUTSIDE of the bowl. You want color - FRESH. Once you mix the 2 together begins the timing. You apply it and 10 minutes after you mixed it begins its processing. The idea is to be as quick as possible about the application.
    Which is why I quote a longer time of devlopement for you all. The thing about hair color is that it goes to the point of the color you picked OUT, it doesn't keep going past it...or why would there even BE different colors? If you chose a Level 9 and left that color on for 2 hours it will not go to a Level 12. It stops at a Level 9. So leaving it on too long is the least of the problems.
    The manufacturers think it sells better when it claims to be fast, which is all lovely and a great idea, but if the color is not done processing- do you really want to take it off? That is one of the bigger problems in home hair color.

    Just like they claim that a highlift blond... lifts 5 levels and it doesn't. Why say that? I don't get it.

    The deal is, if you have super fine-porous hair it takes color super quickly - it DOES work on those heads...they use that info for everyone's hair which doesn't pan out.



    MRS J

  4. Mrs J.,
    Yes, a very quick order of my product called THRIVEN.

    It's exactly what it is for, this product actually repairs and restores damaged/destroyed hair - particularly porous/mushy locks. You will not believe the difference - - inside of 2 overnight treatments.

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    Shall I send you a Request for Funds to your email ? I will need your zip code ;-)



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