June 16, 2008

DEMO of "How to Apply a "Patch Test" for Hair Color: Necessity or Waste?

Sloppy technique = Sloppy Hair

I would like you all to learn the proper - British- Boot Camp standards that I learned...it made me a better Hair Stylist/Colorist - as it will you.

Please attempt one of these, for practice and for knowledge....jot down your results and post in the GROUP.

PATCH TEST : This test is to determine, if you are allergic to the hair color you are about to use. Some may think it a waste....some may be very greatful for it. 

If you have allergies and/or sensitivities...you may want to run this test before applying every new haIR COLOR YOU TRY,  you only need a tiny bit and it only takes overnight.

When working with hair color, you will have to determine whether you have any allergies or sensitivities to the mixture. Please don’t blow this off, I know it takes an extra day…but there is a reason we do it. In the Salon I had every single person sign a questionnaire before I touched their hair, I bet 90% of you never filled out a questionnaire. I believe in rules, regulations and sensitivities…I have them. Within my questionnaire I gave them the opportunity to take the patch test, if they didn’t want to they had to sign a release. I also asked them if they were allergic to pollen, any foods or any drugs, if they answered yes and listed a row of them . . . we ran the test anyway. People are allergic to hair color, just like there are people allergic to the sun and grass, things we cannot get rid of. I did not get into this business to inflict any type of pain, and that CAN happen if precautions are not taken, its even a lot easier for you Crib Colorists to perform this and wait one day. We are starting a new hobby here – for it to fly we need to follow the pro’s rules.

Performing a PATCH Test

1. Select test area, behind the ear or on the inside of the elbow are good choices.

2. Using a mild soap, cleanse and dry an area about the size of a quarter

3. Mix a small amount of product according to the manufacturers directions

4. Apply to the test area with a sterile cotton swab

5. Leave undisturbed for 24 hours

6. Examine the test area. If there are no signs of redness or irritation you can proceed with the color service.

A negative skin test will show no sign of inflammation and indicates the color may be safely applied.

A positive result will show redness and a slight rash or welt – A positive result will show redness and slight rash or welt. If you have these symptoms, under no circumstances should you use the product that you tested. Do not panic though, there are many lines of hair color … with many different chemical bases for you to choose from.

So many hair colors these days have no ammonia (we carry 2 - Schwartzkopf's IGORA ROYAL & ESSENSITY line of hair color are both ammoni-free ), organic and so gentle it amazes me!

If you have sensitivities to foods, or plants, or anything at all this test should be run. I used to ask that question in my questionaire , therefore putting the decision in the clients head as to whether they wanted to take it or not.
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