July 10, 2008

Faces Full of Fringe <> BANGS - Billions & Billions of Bangs if you must

Transform Your Look with a Brand New FRINGE

Transform your look with a Fringe

they are XXXtremely Sexy and can help to accentuate your features
There is hardly a face that cannot pull off some form of the favorite face framing technique
Consider the largest fringe you EVER have, that's current and wham-bamn - - can you handle it

I will do a DEMO on a mannequin to teach you how to trim your own >> in between Salon visits - any requests?

{In the U.S. we call them Bangs - I refuse to call them that Un-Godly name - FRINGE is the proper name - PERIOD - I hearby annoint all Killerstranders the right to begin changing the term - right here and right now > in the states}
3 comments on "Faces Full of Fringe <> BANGS - Billions & Billions of Bangs if you must"
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  2. KC,

    I love this post! I actually spent all day today looking at magazines with short bob hair styles that all had a fringe of some sort. I am planning to go for it the end of this month. Hopefully I can get my hair color the way I would like first. Im just wondering how far back should my new fringe start? I want a very thick fringe with a bob that meets my jaw line.
    Thanks KC, Your post have been very helpful to me !

  3. Shaeden,
    I have never been a big fan of bobs . . . but THIS TIME they've got me ...I just ADORE the way they are showing them this time, wish I was 20 years younger, I would have already done it.

    They are just so terribly terribly FFFFFINE.

    yes, the FRINGE needs to be a bigger portion of the total
    than it has ever been - just take a couple photos to refer to
    for your Stylist.
    thanx for your comment


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