September 25, 2007

Killerstrands 'Reader' Responds with Kick Ass Results

Breaking Use Of Hair Color Kits Isn't Easy, But...Well Worth It!

It was the most pleasant email response. . . . stemming from advice given to Killerstrands readers (just like you!) . . .she had been using Boxed Kits like so many of you . . .Listen to Jackie O, one of the readers, if you are hesitant to listen to me.

I am hopeful that many of you will try to escape the dreaded Boxed Kit...I am interested in getting everyone to have the wonderful experience she has.

Jackie had written me with a story of being on a boxed kit "merry-go-round" and never finding the answer to what she wanted, her hair was always the wrong tone and well, you can read the rest here..

from Jackie Ortiz on September 10, 2007.........

............"Seriously, I would have never known about this had I not seen your blog.
I was just going to buy another boxed dye and keep screwing myself over.Now I know I can do it on my own and now look down at boxed dyes.
No I don't mind at all, go ahead and post my story. I'm flattered. Thank you so much for the kind words. : )
First off I noticed a difference in the feel of my hair, it just looked and felt soft, silky, and
shiny, like I just came from the salon. The color was vibrant. Boxed dyes look like a thick
glob of paint stuck onto the hair, this looked luminous(which is rare for brunette/darker colors), brighter with a sparkly shimmering coating with that great multidimensional effect
I have NEVER seen on my hair before. With the boxed dyes I used to get a orange/reddish brassy tone or a plum flat color when I used boxed brown dye on my naturally black hair. It looked harsh and washed out my olive skin tone. Now my face looks radiant with my new
medium chocolate brown color with caramel and toffee multidimensional tones!
It is A LOT cheaper too! Now I am in control and know what to use if I want a warmer cooler, darker, lighter shade without any fuss. THANK YOU!!!
......................................................................Jackie O.

That Pretty much says it all
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