February 20, 2017

Killerstrands Unique Direction On Repairing Damaged (& Thinning) Hair (Including Secret Supplement Info)

Its been a very long time since I have spoken about my completely unique and weird method of repairing, damaged, fried & thinning hair on females AND males. Its unique but I have had in place since I was began in the Salon ( Malibu) 15 years ago. There are thousands of Malibu people who follow this program and my thought was to keep it between us at first. I have slowly decided to open up and share it with everyone - because as I have said before ..."what good is wonderful knowledge, if you don't educate others with it"...which was my theory for sharing all my education with YOU - the public on this Blog.

I have a 2 step theory for recovering damaged, thinning hair ... it was an accidental discovery but it has changed thousands of people's hair including my own & my daughters and half of Malibu's. Approx. 80% of you will have changed hair in a matter of weeks. I suggest using both steps for 90 days, you will know then........ how it works for you.


Which is a DEEP conditioner like no other. This conditioner should heal damaged hair like no other, there are 2 things different than any other : their consistency and the fact that the trick is leaving it on the hair overnight (or daytime for 7-8 hours). 

Application: Shampoo hair w/ sulfate-free shampoo, towel dry, apply THRIVEN + massage in. Clip up hair...cover w/ plastic cap, process for 7-8 hours. In morning - just RINSE-RINSE-RINSE. Rinse 3X longer than normal, until most of Thriven is out and style.


(I've called it the SECRET SUPPLEMENT)

(the regular or Protein version is best)  

There are no substitutions for this, it must be the authentic version which btw is available worldwide.  Drink 1 everyday continuously for 90 days, you will see the results by then. I drink 2 but mainly because of my illness. My hair is nearly to my waist and it is thick as Hell. . .  which has never happened to me not even when I was young ! So this 2 step process has worked beyond belief for me and my daughter. Some people worry about the calories and think that this drink puts on weight which for me and all the people I have introduced this to has NEVER happened.

This trick was stumbled upon purely by accident, we have family friends who are Olympians and they drink it everyday, it helps them perform and cures jet lag they said. My daughter began drinking it 15 years ago and her hair went from scraggly thin to thick and beautiful. I had handed her a jar of THRIVEN the month before....The next time I colored her hair I asked her what she was doing that was different besides deep conditioning - she actually hadn't even realized what a change had happened (kids ! ! !). 

So I grilled her and she relayed the story from the Olympians ! The minute she left I drove to Target and bought a couple months worth, I wanted to see if it would work for me, I had just finished radiation and there was not much hair left ! In 30 days after applying THRIVEN 2X weekly (that is what she was doing) ....I began drinking 1 ENSURE and used it for my breakfast as do most people. I could feel a substantial difference and at the end of 90 days my  hair was a whole new beast. I was blown away and continue to be blown away today !

There are no substitutions for this, it must be the authentic version which btw is available worldwide. The bottles come in a 6-pack,  the best price I can find is purchasing directly from ABBOTT pharmaceutical online, purchasing enough gets you free shipping and it comes direct to your home - or Target. I will tell you almost everyone I know drinks the MILK CHOCOLATE, but there are other flavors. People ask me all the time if there are any substitutions and when we began many people (for different reasons) tried other brands and other types of vitamin drinks. Not ONE of them gave the results that ENSURE does, I still encourage you to try this program the exact way I have said !

I will give anyone wanting to try the program a 20% Discount on THRIVEN for 1 week which is Feb. 20 - Feb. 27, 2017. 
Code: ThickLongHair

I really encourage anyone with hair health or thinning problems to give this protocol a shot, you have nothing to lose and I will tell you that once Ensure is chilled it takes like a cool chocolate milk shake. Think about it, it is liquid Vitamins that are absorbed in the blood so MUCH FASTER than a pill or anything else out there. Just think if you are one of the 80% that this program works for.........you could have a whole new head of hair, like we all do !

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