February 27, 2017

The New Kenra Hair Colors ( Amber Rose + Dusty Lavender & Silver Smoke !)

I have run some Strand tests from the brand new Kenra + Guy Tang Pastel Series. Basically he has 3 colors that come in both Demi + Permanent.......... from the strand Tests a couple are beautiful......you just have to remember that he puts all his colors on top of Light Blonde Hair as Toners really. So remember that if you are considering applying these to  your clients or yourself.

I happen to love the color of the Amber Rose that he has come up with, but we all know these type of colors fade easily, so you must have a BURST , BLAST or BLASTED color to refresh the color as you go along.

Here are the photos of the Strand Tests:


These are the type of colors that fade pretty fast so you would want to have one of our BURST,BLAST or BLASTED to keep the beautiful color Refreshed! 

The choice is up to you, I just like to present the facts!


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