July 29, 2016

'Filling' the Hair is Always a 2-Step Process. . . . .Always

Filling the hair is a term I hear a lot of people use and I am not sure they really understand what it truly means. They've found the term on the web - read a couple sentences and then then I hear a lot of : 

I need to fill my hair 
filling my hair is next......but the sentences around the term don't make any sense.

Lets review it the Killerstrands way.. . . 

Many of you go blond and then at some point get there and then decide its either too hard to get the right shade of blonde OR. . . its just too much upkeep...or for whatever reason just decide to go back to where you came from ......

I agree with both ideas.... but be really sure of this before you do it. Why? What do I tell you is the most important trait you must keep your eye on regarding your hair> > > > >
Come on  . . . . . you remember....

Doing whatever you can to always keep HEALTHY - - SHINY HAIR as ALWAYS #1, its above the color or Cut you choose!

because no matter what color it is, if it looks trashed - over-processed, and dull, the color is simply not worth it. There is a way for "almost" every color girl

Let me explain a misunderstood theory. People think we make blonde by adding a blonde color to the hair. It took me a very long time to understand this concept:

Blonde hair is not a color we add, it is the removal of any color in the present hair strands. 
Confused? I was too, for about 1 year a very long time ago. But I am hoping if I do a better job of explaining this, the light bulbs may click over your heads - quicker. Why is it necessary to understand? Because a lot of you like to go light then dark then Red then light then dark.....MOST of my clients were like that and It made it so fun to go to work everyday. I never worked on many people who did the same thing over & over. It was a thrill to come up with new colors and looks - - -  and it can be done if you just do it safely and making the health of your hair . . . .#1.

If you use our 400WATT Kit, which contains all of our own HEALTHY HAIR products, you can do the switching up of light to dark, but that is the only way in my opinion. You need lipids to keep the hair strong which is what GLEAM is for...


  •  When the hair strand is filled with color it is stronger than when it is not fill with color.
  • The majority of you have Brown hair in every shade from Black to the lightest of brown, I need you to understand that brown hair is just the mixture of Red+Blue+Yellow Pigment, in equal parts.
  • So that when you want to change your hair from Brown to Blonde, we apply a lighter hair color and 30 or 40 Volume developer which LIFTS that Brown pigment OUT of the hair strands.........and leaves those strands with less of that brown pigment in them or ZERO of that pigment in them.
  • It does not APPLY blonde to those strands, blonde is merely the REMAINING look of those strands WITHOUT any RED + BLUE + YELLOW pigment in the strands.
  • The last pigment to come out of the strands while lightening ... is the YELLOW, which is why so many have problems with  Brass
That is a fact, that is true whether you want it to be or not. Picture you hair strands that are brown...that means each and every hair strand has

( there are very-very few true blond's I hate to break it to many of you). Number 1 color in the world is Black. Picture a couple Black strands of hair.
Which brings me to the point of deciding to "FILL" your hair or not. Once you lift all the color out of your hair strands , it becomes blonde hair. 

 your blond hair....you are going to want to leave it that way for minimum 2 years. 
WHY? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 
Because Once its been lightened ....then we FILL and color it......to go light again is very very dangerous. You are re-lightening it after so many processes have happened, that it is very likely that it will break of where the overlaps from last time are. Has it been done? Of course. Is it successful , HARDLY EVER.
Unless you are one of those people with the strongest healthiest hair on the planet, my best advice is to NOT DO IT ! So just be really solid on your decision to Fill and go dark again is what I am saying.

This is one of those processes that if you take your time and listen to my directions you can very easily do it your self.
Basically................ 'filling your hair' means = Coloring your hair TWICE !
and thats all !!!! 

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