July 24, 2016

Counting Well Over 50 "Purple" Shampoos on the market - "Blue" Makes Its Appearance !

Blue based colors, blue based conditioners and blue based shampoos are the only category of products that will cancel out any Gold, Blorange, or orangish tones you will have in your hair .Lets examine the Purple/Violet shampoo craze as an example ...
See where Violet/purple is on the Color wheel.....theway it works in hair color is..............If you want to cancel or tone DOWN an annoying color (these are the top 5 annoying tones in hair) whether it be :
  • Brass/yellow..................use violet to tone it down
  • Gold.............................use blue-violet to tone it down
  • Blorange....................use Blue tone color to tone it down
  • Red............use green/or Ash tone color to tone it down
  • Green........red tone to tone down any greenish tones....
the way it works is.......................you must look ACROSS the Wheel to the opposing side and you are to use THAT color to TONE down the annoying one.

Directly across from Brass (brass=yellow) which bothers most blondes of the world is Violet. Thus... the 50 brands of Violet/purple shampoos and conditioners of the world, flooded on every shelf. Even my 83 year old mom uses our violet shampoo - sulfate-free mind you !!!  ;)...she has silver hair which has a tendency to get a yellowish cast to it, it works wonderfully for her as well.

Now if you have the next most complained about tones to you blondes (usually in a more medium blond)  are what we refer to as Blorange, Gold, or orange.... Now if you look across the color wheel from orange you will see Blue, also across from the yellow-orange is....Blue-violet . Which are the 2 colors we are wanting to talk about with this post as I think they will help a lot of you, without you really thinking about it.

 We have 2 new products in the line "BURST" our new color enhancing Conditioners (including  Breaking Bad BLUE, Titanium & U.S. Navy ) all super helpful in 

We started with the product being a shampoo, then began running Strand Tests on all colors - in both Shampoo & Conditioner. I'm telling you the shampoos just did not pass the tests!

The Shampoos faded alot in the end result, because of the water content in shampoo. Shampoos are always 80%--90% WATER !! 

 There are over 50 Purple Shampoos to diminish Brass. Finally I have formulated a Blue Conditioner and Blue-Violet Conditioner, which will provide the exact same luxury for those of you with Blorange, orange or Gold casts in your hair that drive you nuts.That is 2nd in line for problems in hair DURP that is just WRONG AND MUST BE FIXED !

That sounds correct for which levels have BLORANGE or Gold DURP....for years Blondes have soaked up the advantage of the purple shampoo, now those with Blorange have a Blue Conditioner

 Depending on the Blorange brightness it usually will take 2-3 times, because people are nervous about the blue Conditioner..........the funny part to me is..........everyone thinks bright ass purple shampoo is just plain normal, but BLUE....oh no!!! That is so strange......................   no it isn't !
It follows science, and when you follow science then you are no longer using Guesswork, which I find so many hair Colorists doing. They, "guess", to come up with a color formula. When there is a solid scientific method for pretty much every question!

Use Breaking Bad Blue and after 1-4 times science rears its beautiful head & will begin knocking down that orange or Blorange cast !
Just know the longer you leave it on, the better it will work, if you have it right where you want it, then alternate it with Soma spray detangler and or PURE the color-free conditioner........ I've heard many say 
to get up to the color they like best, it takes longer then they thought at first.... then they use it once a week to keep the color perfect - everyone is different..
The real answer the Blorange issues is to leave the lightener on one more time..........as you seee to the right here..............................................------------->>>
Its the same head of hair ....the middle chucnk of hair is 1 application of lightener. Rinse - Dry and apply one more time. Then you get the result on the left ! ! 
 - Please run a strand test and you will see what I am referring to. One additional application of the Violet-blue based lightening kit will lighten this look PAST the orange stage and into the light yellow stage which - when dried appears platinum.

Be sure to check out that post to calculate your TRUE Level that can be very important if you are trying to master the road to becoming a Crib Colorist!
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  1. And just when I thought there would never EVER be a solution for this miserable blorange tone I'm suffering from...you posted this and saved me much suffering!!!! LOVE this blog!


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