June 27, 2016

How / Why Hair Is So Screwed Up After 1 Application of Box Hair Color. WHY ? Makes ZERO Sense to Readers (read KC explanation)

Never used boxed hair color nor any Kits of kind on your hair, if you care AT ALL . . . about the condition or the look of it afterward. 

There is simply NO WAY the Level system of hair color will work on every single persons hair that walks into a store. NO ONE READS the back, they glance at it, but mainly they look at the color of the persons hair on the big Beautiful - wonderfully LIT photo on the front of the Box. Boy, I advise any consumer of any or all products that are sold on the Internet, to do a little research regarding all the bells & whistles used to take that photo, light the hair and face, then to have it artificially altered by PHOTO SHOP.

Think about all that is gone into that photo of that one girl chosen for that one photo, especially when hair color is a multi-billion dollar company. They put out what is known as "cattle calls' to all the top Beauty agencies in Hollywood, Dallas & New York City. Then thousands of girls are 'looked at'..............' photographed'.............Analyzed upside down and right-side UP........Then the extensions experts come-in and add extensions and the hair is freshly color..... If you notice in Tina Fey's hair color commercial for hair shampoo......she wears a wig. WHY? Because there simply is no way in Hell, that a man/woman/or child model or actor is going to put $10.00/ hair color FROM....A....Box ( from Walmart) ..... IN-THEIR-HAIR !!!  If you had all the money and access to the best.....the finest.........the top Colorists and Hair Cutters in the world, do you think you would get in your car and drive down to CVS and purchase Box Hair Color and do it yourself..............or even have someone apply it for you.

WHY. . . .WOULD. . . . .SOME. . .ONE,  IN THEIR  RIGHT  MIND  . . . DO. . . THAT? 

 They just simply would not. So, in order for the Tina Fey:  Hair Color and Hair Shampoo commercial not to be completely FALSE ADVERTISING ( and now with every single person, even 5 year olds having cell phones with video camera's attached to their bodies ) Large mega-Billionaire companies have to be more careful about covering their ASS, and doing " whats RIGHT ! ". Everyone loves Tina Fey, Kids - Women - Men - EVERYONE, she tests well ACROSS-THE-BOARD. So for the commercials to be credible, effective AND realistic. They have purchased a $50.000 - 75,000. Wig. The wig has 100% human hair in Tina's really color but Tina suffers from premature Gray and has been covering her gray for many years. So when they signed her for the hair contract with Garnier the only way she would agree to it (as would any hotshot celebrity) would be if she could wear a wig that was died in their actual hair color. 

A very long time ago when I did these commercials, the cell phone industry was for the rich and wealthy - remember those days???
So it made it much easier to get away with all of our canoodling and  B - S - ING !!!

 I mean . . . think about it there is one box of boxed hair color on the shelf.
The photo on the front is Tina Fey with her Level 6 B Hair color.

What happens when
 ........................when a:
  • black haired, 
  • brown hair 
  • blond hair 
  • albino and a
  • red hair person 
all walk in the same store or goes to that lame madison reed website or the other one ( can't think of the name) which are online.....and all 5 of those people purchase the same box of hair color.....because on that same day they all woke up and said, 
" I want to be a Level 6 Brunette today " ? ? ? ?

Now, please don't think this is such an odd occurrence....
I have 6000 people per day read this Blog and we acquire hundreds new readers - each & every week. 
 At least half of them have made the box hair color mistake......I tell you......if I wasn't ill. I would take up the cause in the judicial system and begin to get the whole theory banned from the public's use. Or I would come up with a better system that involved some education prior to purchasing hair color.
There is no way in the world that BOXED HAIR color with 1 bottle of developer in the box will work. Every single person ....while ''half'' may use the same color in the tube, they MUST have a different VOLUME of developer or the result will be completely destroyed as the results have been before.  The most popular hair color in the entire world is BLACK, coloring Black hair is pretty easy and keeping it black it pretty easy as well. So I believe that is what they thought of when they made Boxed hair dye. Yes, it will work for Level 1 & Level 2                                                  .

BOXED hair color should be banned, I  personally listen to thousands of you weekly who go through this and I will never stop answering this question because I want you all to get MAD ENOUGH to stop purchasing them and to call your congressman and tell them they should be banned from the shelves.
They are like purchasing a bottle of dynamite. It works 1 out of 10 times, and it still damages the hair by having the incorrect formula inside for at least 90 % of you ! That IS a lot of mistakes !. I feel like people think, " well crap" its only hair! ! ! ! But I don't know one of you who doesn't care about your hair.! !  A.....LOT !

With the Level System of Hair coloring it gives you options and formulas for you to figure out your color using TUBES of hair and then calculating which Volume of Developer that works with the 2-5 tubes of color you would use in order to create your perfect formula. If you look at my Killer 18 questions ('Google' them on my Blog ) those questions and then their answers are what will educate you on the knowledge of the basics of the LEVEL SYSTEM. Its something you  can use your entire life so begin educating yourself

1 comment on "How / Why Hair Is So Screwed Up After 1 Application of Box Hair Color. WHY ? Makes ZERO Sense to Readers (read KC explanation)"
  1. Apart from all the incredible EDUCATION you put on here(and it truly is incredible, I spent far too much TIME, let alone money, at the mercy of reckless colorists)... I love how you write about all this false advertising we are fed.
    I trained as a beautician, I consider myself somewhat savvy to advertising, but even I didn't realize Fey(and others) is wigged until it's pointed out. Maybe especially Fey, as you point out, the whole "funny girl, cute in an unthreatening way, if she uses this color/shampoo she wouldn't LIE" subliminal message.
    I really LOVE you and your site, changed my life! THANK YOU.


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